Paige Spiranac Claims TikTok Shadow Banned Her for Showing 'Some Little Innocent Cleavage' as She Defends Herself [WATCH]

In the video, Spiranac is seen dressed in a low-cut white golf dress, walking on a golf course towards the camera, smiling, and holding a pink driver in her left hand.

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Paige Spiranac alleged on Thursday via Twitter that she had been shadow banned on TikTok, because of "some little innocent cleavage." Spiranac claimed that TikTok has been blocking her content after she posted a video wearing a low-cut white golfing dress. The latest move by TikTok has left Spiranac upset and now she is complaining about it.

The golf influencer, 30, garnered only 3,000 views on her latest video in the first 12 hours of posting, despite her substantial TikTok following. Spiranac boasts 1.5 million followers on the notably family-friendly social media platform, renowned for its stringent Community Guidelines. Spiranac is hoping that the problem will be sorted out soon.

Complaining About Being Shadow Banned

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac is seen in the video where she is showing her cleavage which was banned by TikTok X

Complaining on X, Spiranac tweeted on Thursday: "I'm shadow banned on TikTok all because of some little innocent cleavage. Free the cleavage!" The former professional golfer then posted the same video from TikTok to another platform.

"TikTok doesn't approve of this video but I know X will #freethecleavage," Spiranac captioned the post.

In the video, Spiranac is seen dressed in a low-cut white golf dress, walking on a golf course towards the camera, smiling, and holding a pink driver in her left hand.

Spiranac uploaded the video to TikTok earlier in the day. However, it received fewer than 4,000 views and 200 likes, an unusual occurrence considering her previous videos typically received hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

Another recent video, where she wore a green dress with a plunging neckline while sharing tips on how she uses her fairway finder, also received fewer likes than usual.

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac sparked outrage in November after posting this risky photo Instagram X

The host of the "Playing a Round with Paige" podcast has 1.5 million followers on TikTok and has accumulated a total of 10 million likes for all her videos.

Banned for Showing Cleavage

In November, she shared a photo of herself holding a golf pin. However, not all her fans seemed to appreciate the short skirt she was wearing, as she ended up flashing her buttocks in the dress.

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac Instagram

However, Spiranac was quick to defend her look and tweeted, "It's amazing the outrage this outfit is causing on Instagram. It's just a little cheeky or booty cleavage as I like to say lol. I think it's quite tame and this picture is cute. Thoughts?"

In the majority of Spiranac's videos, she is on a golf course, showcasing a golf club and her swing in revealing outfits. She has a background as a professional golfer, having played Division 1 college golf at both the University of Arizona and San Diego State University, where she won multiple competitions.

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac Instagram

Paige's popularity nearly earned her the title of the most-Googled golfer in 2023, narrowly losing to Tiger Woods.

According to the data for 2023, Woods topped golf-related Google searches in 42 out of 50 states in the United States. Spiranac was the most-Googled player in four states and secured the second spot in 32 states.

Spiranac has a website called, where she provides personalized videos without sharing explicit content. In 2016, she participated in her initial LPGA Qualifying Tournament but did not secure a card to compete on the professional circuit.

Spiranac made her debut at the 2016 Cactus Tour, winning against Hannah O'Sullivan, who was then the top-ranked amateur globally, marking Spiranac's sole tour victory.

She married athletic trainer Steven Tinoco in 2018. However, in 2022, she announced the end of her marriage.