Paediatrician Gives Horrific Account of 'Pulverized and Decapitated' Children From Uvalde Shooting

Two weeks after Salvador Ramos gunned down 19 students and two teachers during a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a paediatrician gave a graphic account of the victims' bodies. The teen shooter was also shot dead during the responding gunfire by police officers.

Guerrero was appearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform during a hearing on gun violence on Wednesday giving details of the scenes at the Uvalde Memorial Hospital's emergency room where the bodies of dead and injured students arrived post shootout.

Robb Elementary School, Uvalde

Children Were "Pulverized" and "Decapitated" by Bullets

Giving the horrific details, the paediatrician said that he saw sobbing parents shouting their children's names and asking for information outside the hospital.

"Those mothers' cries, I will never get out of my head. I know I'll never forget what I saw that day," said Guerrero Guerrero adding that 11-year-old Miah Cerrillo was the first student he saw in the emergency room.

Stating that what he witnessed in the surgical area of the hospital, x "no prayer will ever relieve," Guerrero said, "Two children whose bodies had been pulverized by bullets fired at them, decapitated, whose flesh had been ripped apart."

"That the only clue as to their identities was blood-splattered cartoon clothes still clinging to them, clinging for life and finding none."

"I could only hope these two bodies were a tragic exception to the list of survivors. But as I waited there with my fellow Uvalde doctors, nurses, first responders, and hospital staff for other casualties we hoped to save — they never arrived. All that remained was the bodies of 17 more children and the two teachers who cared for them," he went on to add.

Decapitated Trends on Social Media

Soon afterGuerrero's statement, the word decapitated started trending on social media. Shocked users expressed their opinions regarding the need for stringent gun control measures.

"If our government can't do anything after 19 kids are slaughtered and several decapitated it's time to change who's in government," tweeted a user.

"Two children "pulverized" and "decapitated" by gunshot wounds in Uvalde, says the paediatrician who treated them. Those poor children, their poor families. I'm sick to my stomach," wrote another.

"Joy. Decapitated. That gun decapitated our babies. Congress has no soul. This country lost its soul a long time ago," read a tweet.

"The obscene destruction wreaked by the AR-15 in the Uvalde shooting "decapitated" some of the children, and Republicans were completely unmoved by that. Disgusting," opined a user.