P1Harmony Member Soul to Limit Movements in P1Harmony LIVE TOUR 2023 Due to Leg Injury

P1Harmony member Soul will limit his stage moments during the P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H: P1ONEER] concert in 2023 due to a leg injury. According to his agency, FNC Entertainment, the K-pop idol suffered a leg injury during a pre-concert fan event in Sydney. He immediately sought medical attention at a nearby hospital and is currently receiving outpatient treatment.

The agency released an official statement explaining P1Harmony member Soul's leg injury and how it will affect his concert performance. It said the artist had been diagnosed with patellar tendinitis. Although he is making a speedy recovery and is in good health, the medical specialists advised him to avoid strenuous movements and intense exercise to ensure full recovery. The artist can carry out his daily activities without any issue, but he must minimize his moves on stage.

"In consideration of the leg injury and Soul's safety as our top priorities, some aspects of the performances will be adjusted, and Soul will be performing while seated until he makes a full recovery. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter," the agency shared.

P1Harmony member Soul

Here is the Complete Statement by FNC Entertainment: