Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung Shares Secret Tip to Lose 13 kg in 3 Months Post Pregnancy

Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung recently shared details about a secret diet tip that helped her lose 13 kilograms three months after giving birth to her first child. She shared the details on her Instagram page with before and after photos of her weight loss journey. The choreographer said she managed to lose 13 kgs in just three months. According to her, a Korean herbal medicine helped her shed some extra pounds post-pregnancy.

The choreographer began her social media post by explaining how hard it was to be back in shape after her delivery. She did everything to lose weight after welcoming her first child earlier this year. Bae Yoon Jung said diet and weight loss plans did not help her lose weight because her stamina was not improving. So, she tried Korean herbal medicine, and it worked.

"I'm trying to be brave. No, I was really like that until four months ago. I had no idea back then, but when I took this picture, I realized how serious it had been. I guess I was really in a desperate situation. I tried to lose weight by starving myself. But now that I'm older, my stamina isn't improving, and I'm not losing much weight. I've always had good results with Korean herbal medicine, so I tried it out of curiosity, and of course, it worked. I recommend it to people like me who have a chimney-like determination but can't lose weight due to circumstances," the choreographer wrote.

Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung
Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung Instagram/Bae Yoon Jung

What was the outcome of following the diet?

The choreographer then shared the outcome of using Korean herbal medicine. Bae Yoon Jung said she regained her confidence after losing weight and would root for people on their weight loss journey.

"I'm living like a human now. Before that, I pretended to be okay and cool, but I was depressed and felt pathetic," she explained.

The K-pop choreographer is known for her role as a mentor on various survival shows, such as Produce 101. She tied the knot with her non-celebrity husband in 2019 and welcomed her son two years later.

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