Our Blues Episode 5 Spoilers, Release Date, Streaming Details, and More

Lee Young Ok will get closer to captain Park Jeong Joon in episode 5 of Our Blues. The chapter will also feature troubled moments for high school students -- Jung Hyun and Bang Young Joo. Another highlight of this week's episode is the reunion between Min Sun Ah and Lee Dong Seok on Jeju Island.

The drama will return with a new episode on tvN Saturday, April 23, at 9.10 pm KST. People from various parts of the world can watch the mini-series by tuning into the broadcasting channel. The new episode will be available to stream on the official website of the broadcasting channel. International K-drama fans can watch the chapter with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix.

What to Expect This Week?

Ahead of the fifth episode, tvN has released two new posters of the mini-series. The first poster features the high school couple with their fathers. Jung Hyun and Bang Young Joo are in a secret relationship. They affectionately look into the camera with their fathers for a click together. The young couple gets sandwiched by their fathers in the poster.

While Young Joo's father, Bang Ho Shik, looks happy on the poster, Jung Hyun's father, Jung In Kwon, does not smile in the photo. The poster's caption read: "What! Is love a crime?" hinting at troubled moments for the high school couple.

Our Blues
A new poster of the tvN drama Our Blues. Twitter/tvN

Jung Hyun-Bang Young Joo to Part Ways

Previously in Our Blues, Young Joo asked Jung Hyun to be prepared for the worst as her monthly periods are overdue. The couple goes to a supermarket to get a pregnancy testing kit and sanitary pads. They meet their schoolmates and Jung Hyun's father unexpectedly in the shop.

The promo video features a conversation between the high school couple. When Jung Hyun asks Young Joo if she loves him, she tells him that love does not exist. Jung Hyun then tells his girlfriend that it could be different for them. But she tells him to move on if he cares about her. The video also shows the couple going for a Karaoke together before deciding to part ways.

Min Sun Ah-Lee Dong Suk Romance

The second poster features a reunion between Min Sun Ah and Lee Dong Suk on Jeju Island. They do not look happy in the picture that focuses on the lonely and melancholy expression of Sun Ah. Dong Suk quietly looks at her as she looks into the distance. The caption for the poster read: "Having lived a difficult life, I want to be happy if only to feel less wronged".

Previously in Our Blues, Dong Suk kissed Sun Ah because he thought she liked him. Soon, he realized that she would not have feelings for him. Last week, the drama introduced Sun Ah's husband and her child to the viewers. The chapter revealed that she is suffering from depression.

Our Blues
A poster of the tvN drama Our Blues. Twitter/tvN

The promo video for this week shows Sun Ah reaching out to for help Dong Suk for help. He refuses to help her as he tries to find out why she does not like him. He thinks she does not like him because he is not rich enough for her.

Lee Young Ok and captain Park Jeong Joon

Love is in the air for Lee Young Ok and captain Park Jeong Joon as they spend time together. The promo video shows captain Park telling Young Ok that he does not like girls who cannot to stay on Jeju Island. Young Ok tells him that she would be happy to live on Jeju Island. Her reply brings a smile to his face.

Our Blues will return with a new episode on tvN Saturday, April 23, at 9.10 pm KST. Watch the Promo of episode 5 below: