Operation London Bridge: Queen Elizabeth Death Rumors Spread After Funeral Details Leaked

The Buckingham Palace intends to implement a social media blackout following the death of its longest serving British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, when it actually happens. The revelation was made in the leaked funeral plans code named 'Operation London Bridge.'

The day when 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II dies will be referred to as D-Day, according to the leaked documents accessed by Politico.

Queen Elizabeth II
Twitter/Royal Family

Queen Will be Buried 10 Days After Her Death

According to the outlet, the plan appears to be updated by the Cabinet office and includes the mention of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the Queen's death, a "call cascade" will take place during which the British prime minister, the cabinet secretary (Britain's highest-ranking civil servant) and a number of the most senior ministers and officials will be informed, reported the outlet.

It was also revealed that the Queen's burial will take place on the 10th day following her death before which her son, the next in line to throne, Prince Charles, will undertake a a tour of the UK. The leaked documents also disclosed that the late Monarch's coffin will lie in state for three days at the Houses of Parliament.

The officials are also anticipating food shortage following the huge influx of people to attend the funeral and pay their last respects to their departed Queen. "A vast security operation has been planned to manage the unprecedented crowds and travel chaos that are expected in the lead-up to her funeral. One memo warns that London could be stretched to breaking point as hundreds of thousands of people make their way to the UK capital," reported the outlet.

Royal Family's Website Will Have a Black Holding Page

The leaked report also mentioned about the social media protocol to be observed after Queen's death. Apart from changing the royal family's website to a black holding page with a short statement confirming the Queen's death, the government's website and its social media pages will also feature a black banner.

Non-urgent content will not be published and retweets will be banned unless cleared by the government's head of communications, the report stated.

Soon after the leaked funeral details surfaced, rumors about Queen's death also emerged on social media. Multiple users were seen asking if Queen Elizabeth was dead while few others offered their condolences.