OnlyFans model cries after losing subscribers due to Coronavirus; says she has no other talent to survive

OnlyFans model Billie Beever breaks down in tears on TikTok saying her subscribers are leaving due to coronavirus and she has no money to pay her rent

OnlyFans model Billie Beever boasts an enviable subscriber base on her OnlyFans account but the numbers seem to be drastically falling as the days pass, which is robbing her of her income, all thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, a volatile economy and job losses that her subscribers have started to flee in the hopes of saving their hard-earned money to secure their own future.

Worried that she would not be able to meet ends, model Billie Beever took to her TikTok handle and burst out in tears claiming she's scared of her future as her subscribers are leaving, and said in teary eyes that she's not in a position to even pay her monthly rent if this continues. She also added that she has no other talents in life to survive the hardships and announced she's becoming flat-out broke.

Blonde beauty posted a tearful video on TikTok

Billie Beever Crying
TikTok / Billie Beever

The blonde beauty in a tearful video on TikTok said, "Like I'm losing subscribers on OnlyFans – my main source of income – I can't pay my rent anymore and even if I was to go back to work like what am I supposed to do, like go work in a strip club? Which they're all closed down as well. They're all closed, like all the strip clubs like you can't even be f***ing close to someone because of social distancing."

The model revealed that she truly believes that she has no other talents to survive and fears for the future. She said crying, "And like I have ... I have nothing else going for me. I have no other talent. I can't dance, I can't sing. I can't do anything so like I don't understand what I'm supposed to do?" Billie Beever is rated OnlyFans top 2.2 percent of content creators, and even that badge is not helping her stop subscribers from fleeing her account and the website as a whole.

At the end of the video, the model wished that things get back to normal as soon as possible so she can earn her livelihood again. She said, ''I want everything to go back to normal so people can keep subscribing to my OnlyFans. Like I'm losing subscribers on OnlyFans like — my main source of income — like I can't pay my rent anymore.'' However, Billie has more than 113,000 followers on Instagram but doesn't bring her any revenue until and unless she collaborates with a brand.

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