Coronavirus: North Carolina woman spits, coughs and touches all items at the grocery store, arrested

A North Carolina woman got arrested for spitting and touching all the racks and food items at the supermarket

As disgusting as it might sound, a North Carolina woman was spotted spitting on her hands and touching all items placed on the racks at the grocery store and deliberately coughed when people passed by. The woman also touched and rubbed her spit on most of the food items including sandwiches, burgers and pizzas and all of her distasteful and irresponsible acts were recorded in the CCTV footage.

As and when the staff realized her misendeavours after going the surveillance camera, the police was called in to investigate the matter. The officials located the woman in the parking lot and immediately put her in handcuffs and arrested her. The woman is identified as Shenir Gibson Holliday, who is 38 years old and is currently being held in police custody.

The police released a statement on her arrest that read, "Holliday was taken into custody [on] Saturday by Sumter Police Department officers who responded to suspicious person call at the IGA on Pinewood Road. After locating the woman in the parking lot, officers were able to identify her and determine she matched the description of the suspect in a hand-licking incident in the county."

The woman to be tested for Covid-19

Shenir Gibson Holliday Spits on supermarket racks
Facebook / Sumter Police Department

The Sumter Police Department revealed in a statement that the woman will soon be tested for COVID-19 and has also been slapped with a bond of $100,000 and is charged for aggravated breach of peace, food tampering and was issued a citation for violation of the state home or work order.

The police also confirmed after looking at surveillance footage of other supermarkets that the woman had done the same dirty deeds in a dry food at an IGA store in North Carolina. The footage shows the woman opening the freezer doors and coughing, spitting and touching the food items.

The officials interrogated her and took detailed information about her whereabouts in the past 30 days and upon further investigation, it now comes to light that she did a similar offence at the Sub Station II on Peach Orchard Road, where she licked coins before putting them into the tip jar and then ran away.

North Carolina is heavily hit due to Coronavirus

As on May 5, North Carolina reported 11,848 coronavirus positive cases and 430 people have lost their lives. State Governor Roy Cooper, extended the stay at home order until May 8 but also hinted that North Carolina could soon enter its first phase of easing restrictions post the date. The first phase would see bars and restaurants remaining closed and mass gatherings banned, but parks and some essential businesses would reopen.

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