Belarus beauty Anna sets the internet on fire with her sizzling pictures

The Belarusian brunette beauty Anna ups the ante on her Instagram handle with hot and sizzling pictures

Instagram is filled with glamour models but none can match the uniqueness of the brunette beauty Anna. The petite model hailing from Belarus is not your ordinary girl-next-door but an uptown girl who wears the most expensive perfumes, dresses, lingerie and boots. Her social media handle is filled with richness and sophistication and most of her posts are a testimony to class, elegance and integrity.

Her admiration is flung far wide as she enjoys a sea of fan following from all across the world and she makes it a point to reply to most of her followers' comments, making her stand apart from the rest. While the whole world is at home during the coronavirus lockdown period, Anna has steamed up her pictures by posting a few hot ones sporting shiny push-up bras, bustiers and satin dresses.

Belarus doesn't have a full-fledged lockdown: Anna

Anna Anya Fr Hot Belarusian Bustier
Instagram grab/ Anya__Fr

While the whole world is at home amid the coronavirus lockdown, Anna revealed that she's lucky Belarus has not announced a full-fledged quarantine for its citizens and life is as usual and people are going about doing their business and day-to-day activities, while students are also going to school and colleges.

''I live in Belarus. We don't have quarantine now and most people live as usual, children go to the school, teens go to university and adults go to work every day.'' However, she revealed that the dangers of the virus still exist in the country as close to 18,350 have been reported positive with 107 deaths. She said that she avoids going out and only steps out to buy essentials like groceries, food and medicines and keeps herself at home most of the day.

''I keep my regime of self-isolation and try not to leave the house. I think this is very important now.'' She also revealed that she cancelled all her photoshoots and will not resume until the threat of coronavirus is completely over. ''I work as a model, but now I canceled most of my shootings and stay home. I want to ask people to stay at home and not go out without to any place without a valid purpose and if they do go out, I hope people will observe sanitary rules for the safety of themselves and their country people.''

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