Chinese man arrested for stealing black swan from park and putting it in his soup

A Chinese man named Wu, hit a black swan at the park unconscious and took it home to cook it in his soup

A Chinese man named Wu, was arrested by the police for stealing a black swan by beating it unconsciously with a wooden stick and taking it home to put it in his soup. The park authorities saw the CCTV footage of the man snatching the bird from the pond, beating it and making his way out of the park. The authorities then informed the police about the act and the officials raided his house only to see the swan half-cooked in his soup and was half-eaten too.

The incident occurred in China's Cui Lake Park and when the police entered his house and questioned him about the swan, Wu claimed that he hit the bird unconscious for self-defence as it ''pecked him when he was teasing it with a club.'' However, surveillance footage shows the man grabbing the black swan while it was swimming in the pond.

The man is detained by the police

Chinese Man Steals Black Swan Cooks Soup
Guangdong Television

Wu is now detained by the police for illegally stealing a black swan from the park and during interrogation, he confessed to the theft by saying he first took his wife and children to the park for a walk in the afternoon and spotted the black swan and later stole it in the evening.

The man also claimed that the bird's meat was not tasty but it did smell good. He said, ''The black swan meat wasn't tasty, but it did smell very nice.'' However, it is no clear if the man will face any punishment or fine for stealing and cooking the black swan.

Chinese Man Steals Black Swan Cooks Soup
Guangdong Television

The Cui Lake Park is located in Jinhua, East China and is home to four black swans which was an attraction to joggers around the locality for nearly four years, but during the end of April, a park worker reported to the authorities that one of the birds went missing and checked the CCTV footage and the police was called and the officials nabbed the culprit red-handed while cooking in in two days.

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