Olivia Dunne Risks Instagram Ban after US Gymnast Accidently Exposes on Social Media Platform in Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Dunne's Instagram story has now been updated with videos and photos from an LSU meet at the Raising Cane's River Centre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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US gymnast Olivia Dunne risked being kicked off of Instagram after accidentally flashing her nipple on the platform. The 21-year-old acrobat from Louisiana State University shared a selfie on her Instagram story with the caption "i be missin u nyc" along with a tearful smiling emoji. In the image, there seems to be her nipple popping out of her top.

Dunne, also known as Livvy, took a risk with the revealing photo posted to her five million followers, as Meta-owned Instagram enforces a strict policy on nudity. The post, first reported by a German news website, is no longer visible but several of her fans have already seen the photo.

Dunne's Nip Slip

Olivia Dunne
Olivia Dunne Instagram

Dunne's Instagram story has now been updated with videos and photos from an LSU meet at the Raising Cane's River Centre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Even though the post has been removed, there is a possibility that the platform may take action, which could lead to financial trouble for Dunne.

Instagram serves as her primary source of income, earning six-figure sums for sponsored posts.

New Jersey-born Dunne had made a stopover in New York on her journey back to Louisiana after participating in an athletics meet in Florida.

In a post last month, she shared pictures of herself on Instagram standing in front of a large billboard featuring her in Times Square, playfully remarking, "I think I know that girl from somewhere."

However, her accidental nipple flash is less humorous as Instagram is widely known for having a strict policy against topless female nudity.

Bild published the image under the headline: 'Does the gymnastics superstar risk expulsion from Instagram?'

"This action can have unpleasant consequences," the newspaper warned.

Instagram, with a minimum age requirement of 13, prohibits nudity in any form, including instances that might be considered "artistic or creative in nature."

Instagram's Strict Policy

Campaigners have advocated for the platform to reconsider its policy regarding female nipples, using the hashtag #freethenipple, but these efforts have not been successful. However, the platform does make exceptions for photographs showing breastfeeding, the process of giving birth, 'acts of protest,' and nudity depicted in paintings and sculptures.

Recently, this policy, especially regarding breastfeeding, has been bypassed by certain OnlyFans models who share topless videos of themselves pretending to breastfeed baby dolls. This tactic is employed to attract new subscribers to sign up for their paid content on the platform.

Dunne has previously revealed the massive money she earns for sponsored posts on Instagram, with her largest paycheck exceeding half a million dollars. In an interview with the Full Send podcast last July, she said, "I usually don't ever talk about money, but... I would say, six figures. It's just crazy to me."

Former U.S. national gymnast Dunne gained prominence online after joining TikTok in 2020, sharing videos of her gymnastics practice.

With name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals with brands like Nautica and American Eagle, she is currently estimated to have a net worth of $3.3 million.

Last year, she was featured as a Sports Illustrated 'rookie,' appearing in the magazine's renowned swimsuit edition. Dunne is set to make a return for the 2024 issue.