NY Subway 'Chucky' Identified as Miguel? Scary Doll Attacks Maskless Woman in Subway Train

A video showing a maskless woman on New York subway train being attacked by a real-life 'Chucky', the scary doll from Child's Play, has gone viral on social media. Miguel, an actor and influencer, has been identified as the person who played the part of Chucky in a pre-planned act.

The prank which was intended as a "social experiment" to gauge people's reactions to a woman being attacked by 'Chucky' on a subway, was understood as an attack on those travelling without masks, by social media users.

Subway Chucky
A man dressed as Chucky scared passengers on a New York Subway train Twitter

Fellow Passengers Flee After Chucky's Attack

The nearly 30-second video clip that has garnered over 2 million views on Twitter alone, shows a man dressed as the creepy doll from 80-s horror flick Child's Play, attacking a woman in the moving subway train.

Dressed in blue-colored dungarees and a stripped T-shirt, Miguel wore a large rubber mask and orange colored wig. Chucky is seen holding on to the leg of a woman, later identified as Sara, as she screams in horror and hits him on the back.

"Get off of me, what the f**k are you? What are you doing? Get the f**k off of me," the woman is heard repeatedly shouting as the fellow passengers sitting near her flee from the scene.

The moment the woman gets up to leave, Chucky once again attacks her and holds on to her legs. At this point a passenger is seen holding the doll's legs and pulling him away from the Sara. As Chucky tries to run behind the fleeing woman, a passenger grabs him by his hair making the wig fall off.

"No One Helped"- Subway Chucky

The Daily Dot reported Brooklyn filmmaker Rodrigo Valencia, who recorded the video and shared it on Instagram by "Subway Creatures", said that the scene was staged.

Speaking to the outlet, Miguel said that the prank was a "social experiment" to see how people would react to a woman being attacked by "Chucky" on the subway. "As expected, no one helped. Instead, they decided to record," Miguel said. The actor also shared the video on his Instagram page, with the caption, "Chucky" Attacking Non-Masker On Subway Train."

Stating that they also staged a similar prank on a different train, Miguel said that they chose for Sara not to wear a mask to see if that would affect people helping her out in this situation.

However, the prank certainly received a lot of reactions from the social media users.

"Chucky live performance art on the NYC subway, that randomly scares people and then pisses them off beyond measure, is the perfect running commentary for where we are at, America," tweeted a user as another added, "Wtf is going on in New York."

"The people-pranking Chucky guy in New York subway must certainly be another broken-hearted Trump supporter claiming for revenge after alleged election fraud via MAIL-IN ballots. Biden should send law enforcement steadfastly to arrest all these," read another tweet.