Graphic Video: Black Student Gets Unconscious After SRO Slams Her to Ground; Straddles Victim to Place Handcuffs

A viral graphic video shows a black student becoming unconscious after she was slam dunked head down by a School Resource Officer following a 'confrontation' at the Liberty High School in Osceola, Florida. The authorities have not disclosed the severity of the student's injury or her current condition.

After throwing the student to the ground, the officer was seen placing handcuffs on her as shocked onlookers watched. The video, which alerted the authorities on Tuesday, went viral with several social media users questioning the amount of force exerted by the SRO on the student.

Black Student
Video grab from the viral video. Twitter

Student Lies Unconscious After Being Thrown to the Ground

The graphic video shows a black student dressed in mustard yellow top being held and thrown on the concrete floor. A loud bang is clearly heard as the victim's head touches the ground. The students are seen shouting and asking the officer to leave as he straddles on the unconscious victim's back and handcuffs her. "What the f**k is wrong with you?!" a student is heard shouting at him. Another student is also seen approaching the victim as she lies motionless on the ground.

According to TMZ, a person who posted the video said: "This girl was already separated and under control by one of the faculty members when the officer came out of nowhere, picked her up and bodyslammed her headfirst on to the concert."

WFTV reported that the incident took place between classes while officer was trying to stop the fight between two students.

Stating that the name of the SRO involved in the incident was not revealed by the authorities, the outlet reported that the Osceola County investigators are collecting video and witness statements to get a better understanding of the incident.

Outrage Over the Incident

Speaking to the outlet, Demeatra Bodie, whose son witnessed the incident, said that the video has left her speechless. 'I was like, What in the world? I have to do something...I can't just let this go. If we were to do something like that to our kids, we will be in jail. o questions asked...we're going to jail until they figure it out," said Bodie.

The incident also sparked outrage on social media. "This is a black teenage girl at liberty high school in Osceola county being slammed into the concrete by a grown ass white male police officer. YOU CAN NOT REFORM THIS! WE SAID ABOLISH THE POLICE, AND WE MEANT IT! FUCK 12," tweeted a user.

"When I was in HS, I don't recall any police. Or adults knocking kids unconscious to "stop a fight." Osceola County Sheriff's Office confirmed the deputy was...a school resource officer at Liberty High School in Kissimmee," wrote another.