Kellyanne Conway 'Posts' Teen Daughter's Topless Picture on Fleet; Claudia Sends Morse Code?

In what is being perceived as revenge porn, former White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway allegedly uploaded her daughter's topless photo on Fleet, a twitter equivalent of Instagram stories. Later, Claudia Conway confirmed in a TikTok video that it was indeed her in the viral image which made its way to multiple social media platforms.

The nude leak comes days after Claudia posted a video of her mother speaking to cops who visited their home following her child abuse allegations. The video shows Kellyanne repeatedly telling the cops that her daughter has been upset. "She's upset, she's been upset for a week because we had a tough call with her school, I knew she had been upset..."

Kellyanne Conway
Former Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Twitter

Claudia Says She is "At a Loss For Words Right Now"

The leaked image of Claudia shows the teenager semi-naked as she takes a selfie in the bathroom mirror. A twitter user who managed to take the screenshot of the image shared it while covering someone who took a screenshot of the photo and covered the same with a sticker. Re-posting the censored image on Twitter, the user wrote: "This woman deserves to go to jail and claudia deserves justice."

Confirming her identity in the nude photo, Claudia took to TikTok to express her shock. According to Aceshowbiz, Claudia said that she is "at a loss for words right now."

Admitting that she is "shaking right now," while asking her followers to "please report it" to authorities, in another video Claudia confirmed that the photo was real. Claiming that her mother must have gotten the nude selfie from her personal phone, Claudia speculated that Kellyanne might have accidentally posted it or someone hacked her phone.

Social Media Enraged Over Kellyanne Conway's Act

Even as there was no official statement issued from Conway regarding her daughter's nude picture appearing on her Fleet, there was widespread anger on social media, with several demanding the arrest of former White House Advisor.

Some users even shared images of Claudia seeking help by sending messages through the Morse Code.

"Tonight, on twitter, Kellyanne Conway revenge porned her 16 year old daughter by posting a topless photo of her. Her own daughter, because she spoke out against her mom. These people are trash. If Kellyanne wasn't rich and white CPS would be knocking already," wrote a twitter user.

"@KellyannePolls posted a nude photo of her sixteen-year-old daughter. Even if she deleted it, it is distribution of child pornography and she should not be allowed to have an account, let alone a verified one," wrote another.

"For Kellyanne Conway to post a topless photo of her 16-year old daughter means that at some point she stole the photo from her daughter's phone, stored this child pornography on her own device, and then uploaded it to harass her own daughter. Disgusting," read another tweet.

This article was first published on January 26, 2021