Nigerian Singer and Rapper Asake Suffers Horrible Wardrobe Malfunction as His Trousers Tear off While Performing Live in London [WATCH]

The video of the incident has since gone viral, leaving social media users to troll him endlessly for the embarrassment he suffered on stage.

Nigerian singer and rapper Asake had an embarrassing moment after he suffered a horrible wardrobe malfunction on stage while performing live in London. Asake was seen dancing on stage to the beats of his song when his trousers tore off in front of the live audience. The singer somehow managed to cover his butt and exited the stage.

The video of the incident has since gone viral, leaving social media users to troll him endlessly for the embarrassment he suffered on stage. Asake has been one of the biggest revelations in the music scene this year with concerts at Atlanta and London sold out.

All Exposed

The Afrobeat star who recently announced that he is a Fuji artist experienced the embarrassing incident during a live performance in the United Kingdom. The super energetic performer accidentally tore his trouser while performing Loaded, one of his most recent hits.

The viral video shows Asake walking on stage and dancing. In fact, he was trying to imitate Michael Jackson's signature moonwalk, when he lifted his right leg and his trousers tore open exposing his white underwear and bare buttocks.

Embarrassed, the singer immediately tried to cover the torn trouser and tried to put on a smile on his face and then quickly exited the podium in reverse. Asake had to limp and jump all the way back to the dressing room as the audience was left in splits.

Asake trousers seen tearing off as he lifted his leg during the performance Twitter

Although Asake has been in the music scene since 2020, he shot to popularity following his 30-minute-long album, Mr. Money With The Vibe, which was released this year. Since then, his concerts have been sold out.

The London show too was sold out. The singer, however, later returned to the podium in different trousers and performed the rest of the songs.

No Stopping Getting Trolled

Asake covered his exposed area after the embarrassing moment and quickly exited the podium Twitter

Social media users, however, have been trolling him for the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. "He made it worse by doing that funny ass moonwalk . If he had just kept going it wouldn't have been as funny," a one user wrote.

"Why e no wear normal bugi wey him dey always wear na...I no go hear word for my compound today." Wrote another user mocking the singer.

Asake, who was born Ahmed Ololade, is a graduate of the theater program at Obafemi Awolowo University. He unexpectedly entered the music industry. Actually, his mother's name is Asake. He is also a very creative Yoruba language student, which is his primary form of expression.

He uses slang from the streets used today together with phrases made popular by fuji, a style of popular music from the southwest of Nigeria influenced by Islam, and the entire Isale Eko army of street-dwelling miscreants in downtown Lagos. Asake openly embraces the alluring promise of social uprising found in urban "hood" culture.