Nicole DeLosReyes: TikToker Gets Dress-Coded at Disney World; Asked to Buy T-Shirt or Leave as Her Top Was Revealing

DeLosReyes in the video clip alleges the Disney authorities at the Orlando theme park objected to her top and asked her to change it or leave the park.

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A woman has claimed that she was "dress-coded" at the Walt Disney World Resort and was asked to get a shirt for herself or leave the park by the management. Nicole DeLosReyes, a content creator, detailed her ordeal in a viral TikTok post, which has once again sparked a debate on the organization's dress code policy.

DeLosReyes, 21, said in the short TikTok video clip that she was wearing a top that didn't go with the park's dress code and she had to step outside and buy another dress. The situation was unlike a dress-code incident that occurred in 2021, when a Six Flags employee allegedly demanded a woman to leave because of the length of her shorts.

No Entry

Nicole DeLosReyes
A clip from the TikTok video posted by Nicole DeLosReyes showing her top Twitter

DeLosReyes in the video clip alleges the Disney authorities at the Orlando theme park objected to her top and asked her to change it or leave the park. According to the TikTok video, DeLosReyes and his family went to the Orlando resort for Mother's Day in early May.

She posted a video to TikTok on Monday, May 9, claiming she was turned away from one of Disney's theme parks.

"Guys it happened. I got dress-coded at Disney, and I was told to leave or get a shirt," DeLosReyes said in the footage.

Nicole DeLosReyes
Nicole DeLosReyes in the TikTok video Twitter

"Guys it happened. I got dress-coded at Disney. At entry, I got stopped and was told they don't allow tie front tops," DeLosReyes explained in a comment. "I had to either leave and change or buy merch. So, now we're getting a shirt."

In the seven-second video, the TikToker shows her followers that she was wearing a white knot-front shirt and she didn't understand what was wrong with her dress. More than 7.9 million people have now watched the video which has garnered 1.2 million likes and 4,240 comments.

Internet Divided

Nicole DeLosReyes
Nicole DeLosReyes TikTok

DeLosReyes had to go outside and buy a t-shirt and she was finally allowed inside. Commenters were surprised that she was not given a free Disney shirt, as has purportedly occurred to other people who were dress-coded at the park, according to TikTok footage.

"No free shirt???" one person asked.

"Wasn't an issue," DeLosReyes replied.

"The amount of people agreeing with Disney dress coding you is crazy... Anyways u looked cute girl," one commenter wrote.

"You're [sic] tops not even that revealing... they know Ariel wears a seashell bra right?" Another commenter quipped.

Disney World Orlando
Disney World Orlando Twitter

Some, however, defended the park claiming that the shirt was improper for a location comprising children, while others saw nothing wrong with DeLosReyes' choice of clothing.

"I think they stopped doing it because so many people [started] wearing inappropriate things in order to get a free shirt," a commenter added. "It became like a trend."

"They have everything posted on the website," one TikTok user argued. "You could have went to Disney Springs if it was such a big deal."

After TikTok users disclosed last year that cast members sometimes offered retail vouchers to pay the cost of new Disney-themed shirts, a few commenters accused DeLosReyes of purposely breaking the dress code in order to acquire a free shirt.

"I didn't do it on purpose," DeLosReyes wrote in the comments section, denying the free shirt charges. "I don't care for a free damn shirt I just wasted a cute fit." She also denied receiving a shirt, claiming that was the reason she returned to the hotel to change.

It's unclear on Disney's website, whether park visitors who are dress-coded will receive a free shirt, and the dress code itself is hazy. If it was a policy, it's unclear whether "so many people" dressed poorly "to obtain a free shirt" that Disney had to change how it dealt with dress-coded visitors.