Florida Senate Votes to Scrap Disney World Self-Governing Status; What is the Fate of 60,000 Staff?

Florida senate has passed a bill to repeal the law that allowed Disney World to function as its own local government. This move has sealed the fate of more than 60,000 employees working at Disney World.

At the same time, the ongoing strife between the Florida government and Disney World has resulted in a war of words between the supporters and detractors of the amusement park on social media.

Ready Creek Improvement Act established Reedy Creek as a special taxing district 1967 which covers the Walt Disney World.

As reported by Forbes, this development is a result of the ongoing row between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Disney authorities as the latter publicly opposed House Bill 1557. This bill bans the schools from giving instructions on "sexual orientation or gender identity" to the grade three students. The bill also restricts the schools on manner of instructions on sexual orientation and gender identity to the students of higher grades.

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World flickr / Travis Wise

Governor Ron DeSantis Ignores the Welfare of State and Its People

Some of the supporters of Disney World have termed it to be a "foolish decision" on the part of the Florida senate, adding that the company should plan to move to another state.

A bunch of social media followers have criticized Governor Ron DeSantis for pampering his ego at the cost of the welfare of the state and its people.

The social media followers have also questioned Governor Ron DeSantis about his reemployment plan for 60,000 employees who will be without a job if Disney World closes down. They have also pointed out the financial loss that the state of Florida will incur following the closure of Disney World.

However, a faction of people feel that this is the right move on the part of the Florida Senate as Disney World should not enjoy special privileges, instead they should be treated at par with other districts.

A Twitter user replying to @Justinredalen @FenixWAW and 5 others stated, "Do you know how much money Disney has and continues to generate? How much money they generate for others? If they stated they were just thinking of moving out of Florida, other states would fall over themselves hoping to get Disney in their state."

"Like a lot of today's politics, it's a mess. But rather than dig into the various competing narratives, I tend to fall back on my priors. It's healthier for society if entertainment orgs like Disney stay out of politics, & I don't think such orgs should have special privileges." opined another user.

A tweet read, "And the residents of Orange and Osceola counties are about to find out that much of the financial burden for fire/police protection, utilities, and other infrastructure, will now fall squarely on their shoulders, and not Disney's if this is ultimately passed."