Nick Gordon died after taking a vicious drug cocktail at a New Year bash

Apart from heroin, caffeine, morphine and naloxone, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses was also found in Gordon's system during the autopsy

Nick Gordon, the former fiancé of Bobbi Kristina Brown, died from an overdose of heroin, the autopsy report revealed. The 30-year-old Gordon died of the drug overdose on January 1, at the Altamonte Springs Hospital. Gordon, who consumed drugs during New Year's celebrations in Florida, suffered a series of heart attacks before he was rushed to the hospital following a 911 call.

Gordon took a cocktail of drugs before his death

According to Florida's Districts 5 & 24 medical examiner's office, apart from heroin, caffeine, morphine and naloxone, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses was also found in Gordon's system during the autopsy conducted a day after his death.

During the 911 call, the caller said that black stuff was coming out of Gordon's mouth and he was not breathing. The police immediately rushed to Maitland, Florida based hotel where Gordon was staying. He was found unresponsive in his room. However, the doctors could not revive him at the hospital where he was brought at 5:15 am.

Who was Nick Gordon?

Nick Gordon
Nick Gordon Flickr

An orphan, Gordon was 12 years old when famous singer Whitney Houston brought him home, following her divorce with husband Bobby Brown in 2007. She raised Gordon and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, together.

However, Houston neither legally adopted Gordon nor included him in her will. He called Houston, 'Mom', and had a tattoo of the singer's face on his arm. For a long time, he called Bobbi his little sister. It was only after Houston's death, in 2012, that the two got engaged and made their romantic relationship public.

Bobbi Kristina Brown's death controversy

Gordon's death brought back the memories of Bobbi's death, in 2015. Bobbi was found unconscious lying face down, in her bathtub at her Georgia home in January 2015. Some bruise marks were also found on her chest. The 22-year-old was rushed to the hospital. Her autopsy revealed a cocktail of drugs including morphine, cocaine, alcohol and prescription drugs in her body.

However, it was not ascertained whether her death was accidental or attempted murder. Bobbi stayed in coma for six months at an Atlanta based hospice, before her death on 26 July 2015.

Gordon was accused of Bobbi's death

In the lawsuit filed against Gordon, Brown's estate conservator Bedelia Hargrove accused him of giving Bobbi a 'toxic cocktail' that left her unconscious. Hargrove further alleged: "Gordon then put Bobbi face down in a tub of cold water. This was all part of a scheme to control Bobbi Kristina and benefit from her wealth."

In his defence, Gordon said that he tried his best to revive his fiancée after he found her unconscious in the bathtub at their home in Alpharetta, Georgia. He was found liable of Bobbi's wrongful death by providing her with a 'toxic cocktail mixture' of drugs.

Gordon was also held guilty of stealing money from Bobbi's account while she was in the coma. A Fulton County Superior Court judge asked him to pay $36 million in damages to Bobbi's family. Gordon did not face any criminal charges.