New Video Shows Russian President Vladimir Putin Unsteady as His Legs Shake Uncontrollably [WATCH]

In the new video, Putin appeared shaky, swaying back and forth after awarding the Russian Federation's State Prize to filmmaker Nikita Mikhailov on Sunday, the UK's Express reported.

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A new video has emerged that shows Russian President Vladimir Putin shivering and struggling to stand during an awards ceremony, sparking renewed questions about his declining health. The video was taken on Sunday at the Kremlin when he appeared to be unsteady while standing and his hands were also shaking uncontrollably almost throughout the event.

Fears about Putin's mental and physical health have intensified since his invasion of Ukraine nearly four months ago. Following stories of shaky hands and inexplicable disappearances, there is speculation that he is suffering from terminal cancer or Parkinson's disease. There are also reports that he might not survive for long.

Putin Seen Shaking

In the new video, Putin appeared shaky, swaying back and forth after awarding the Russian Federation's State Prize to filmmaker Nikita Mikhailov on Sunday, the UK's Express reported. The 69-year-old swayed back and forth before his speech. His legs can also be seen shaking next to the podium while his hands were straight by his side but shaking.

He then walks up to the stage, appearing to shake, before both of his legs crumbled and he had to cling to the podium for support.

Putin, however, was able to finish his address and maintain his equilibrium despite the tiny wobble, but the incident is the latest piece of proof that the Russian dictator is suffering from a slew of health issues.

Putin's Legs Shaking
Putin's legs seen shaking in the video Twitter

The alarming video surfaced after his doctors apparently ordered him not to make any "lengthy" public appearances due to his "unstable health." The claim was made on the General SVR Telegram channel, which is allegedly managed by a Kremlin military source.

Is Putin Really Unwell?

Putin's health has been frequently defended by the Kremlin, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rejecting all claims that the Russian President is not doing well. However, recent reports have been different.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin has appeared unwell during his recent appearances Twitter

The Telegram channel General SVR alst week reported that Putin felt "a sharp sickness, weakness, and dizziness" when getting up from his desk following a recent video call with advisers and military officials.

"The President needed urgent medical assistance," claimed the channel which purports to have sources in the Kremlin and has made repeated claims over Putin's alleged medical problems, including cancer and Parkinson's disease.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin Twitter Grab

Last week's unexpected announcement that Putin's annual 'Direct Line' live broadcast - a marathon Q&A in which he answers questions from regular Russians over several hours - had been postponed with no alternative date set blamed the "dizziness" incident.

Since the invasion of Ukraine began, a slew of photographs and videos have surfaced in which Putin appears fat and uneasy, while other clips show him walking with shaky and uncontrollable leg tremors.

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin seen clutching on to table's edge during a meeting with defense minister on Thursday. Twitter

He has been seen in the past with a violently trembling hand and grasping the side of his chair for support. A few weeks back a Russian Federal Security Service officer said that Putin has "no more than two to three years to stay alive."

As speculation grew that Putin was suffering from a terrible illness as a result of the invasion of Ukraine, one FSB official described Putin's condition as a "severe form of swiftly progressing cancer."