Nevertheless New Teaser Hints about a Secret between Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Uhn

Once again, the upcoming JTBC drama Nevertheless has increased the curiosity of K-drama fans with a new teaser that hints about a secret shared between Yoo Na Bi and Park Jae Uhn.

When two individuals with different interests fall in love, they often struggle with conflicting thoughts about their decision. K-drama fans across the globe can meet such an individual through the upcoming JTBC drama Nevertheless. The central character of this mini-series, Yoo Na Bi, experiences such a situation in the new teaser.

The leading lady, portrayed by actress Han So Hee, has experienced the pain of falling in love once in her life. That's why she tries to keep her away from such a situation when she decides to enjoy a romantic relationship with Park Jae Uhn, played by Song Kang. The new teaser features her thoughts.

The video begins by hinting at the ambiguous relationship of Na Bi with Jae Uhn. Although the leading lady of this story is head-over-heels for the young man, she tries to keep a distance from him in the clip. At times, she gets worried about his feeling for her. But the very next moment, Na Bi consoles her with the thought that she will never fall for him.

A still from the upcoming JTBC drama Nevertheless. JTBC

However, the highlight of this teaser is the hint about a secret moment shared between Na Bi and Hae Uhn. In the short clip, Na Bi thinks, "What if we were not like that on that night? I know I can't like you but still..."

Nevertheless to Receive Adult Rating

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that this romantic drama will receive adult ratings for some of its episodes as they will feature a few intimate scenes between the central characters. "Some of the episodes of this mini-series will have 19+ ratings," an industry insider told Korean media outlets.

Nevertheless will premiere on JTBC on June 19 at 11 pm KST. It will feature Chae Jong Hyeop, Yang Hye Ji, Lee Yul Eum, Kim Min Gwi, Yoon Seo Ah, Lee Ho Jung, Han Eu Ddeum, Jung Jae Kwang, Seo Hye Won, Lee Jung Ha, Yoon Sa Bong, Kim Moo Joon, and Lee Seung Hyub as supporting casts. The mini-series is based on a webtoon by Jung Seo.

Watch the Teaser of Nevertheless Below: