Hospital Playlist Season 2 Teaser 3: Meet New Interns and Residents of Yulje Medical Center

The third teaser of Hospital Playlist season 2 is out, and it left the viewers confused about the relationship status of pediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong Won.

TVN has released the third teaser of Hospital Playlist season 2, and K-drama fans are going gaga about it. The video features interns, residents, and nurses. It also introduces new staff members of Yulje Medical Center to the viewers. All the central characters, including Kim Jun wan, Chae Song Hwa, and Yang Seok Hyeong, are also part of the video.

The video focuses on the day-to-day lives of interns, residents, and nurses at the medical center. It teases the challenges, disappointments, and apprehensions of every character in the mini-series. It also features the role played by senior surgeons in motivating the young doctors at the multi-specialty hospital.

The teaser begins with a conversation of the residents as they enjoy their short breaks between busy schedules. The workload for them is so much that Choo Min Ha feels like caffeine is too little in canteen coffee. The video then shifts its focus to medical student Jang Hong Do. He is now a resident at the medical center. In the clip, a senior surgeon questions him about being inattentive during surgery.

Finally, the video gives a glimpse of all the central characters in the story. It shows them motivating the young doctors when they start complaining about their inabilities in decision-making. The video ends with a teaser hinting at the relationship status of senior pediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong Won.

Watch the third teaser of Hospital Playlist season 2 below:

Will Ahn Jeong Won make his relationship with Jang Gyeo Wool official in Hospital Ship season 2?

The medical drama concluded its first season by showing senior pediatric surgeon Jeong Won confessing his love to third-year resident Jang Gyeo Wool. The viewers are now curious about their relationship status, and the new teaser has left them confused. The video features a scene of Gyeo Wool and Jeong Won sitting together, and the viewers want to know if they will meet the two doctors as a lovely couple in the new installment.

"OMG that last makes me think that Gyeo Wool and Jeong Won will be officially introduced as a couple in the upcoming season. But then, it also made me think that they are going through some problems," a Twitter user wrote.

"I'm very curious about this scene," another follower of the medical drama tweeted.

Hospital Ship season 2
Will Ahn Jeong Won make his relationship with Jang Gyeo Wool official in Hospital Ship season 2? YouTube/Screenshot

"Every time I see them together, I have butterflies in my stomach. I think we will be getting any Won-Wool moments in the upcoming season. There will be secret meetings, after work dinner-dates, warm glances, shy smiles, and intimate scenes...I'm not prepared for this," a K-drama fan wrote.

Hospital Playlist season 2 will premiere on tvN on June 17 at 9 pm KST. Korean drama lovers can tune in to tvN and watch medical drama. They can also stream the show on Netflix with subtitles.