Netizens Praise Former EXO Member Luhan for Greeting Ex-teammates on 10th Debut Anniversary Day

Former EXO member Luhan seems to be missing the time he spent with the South Korean Chinese boy band. The Chinese singer shared a video with several clips from the time he was with the K-pop group as the band celebrates its 10th debut anniversary.

Through the clips, he expressed how much he cherishes the time spent with his ex-teammates ever since he became a part of this boy band. Since the singer is also celebrating his first decade in the entertainment industry, the clips he shared highlighted his career as a K-pop idol.

The video begins with a clip of Luhan introducing him to the crowd as a member of EXO M. It also features clips from albums, concerts, reality shows, OSTs, and other projects he worked on as a member of EXO.

Watch the Video Below:

When the K-pop fans and EXO-Ls watched the video, they became emotional and expressed their adoration for the singer online through messages. A Twitter user said the person struggled to hold back tears after watching the footage that featured his journey with EXO.

"Luhan posted a video of a timeline of his life since the start of when he was part of Exo and what he has become now. It was so painfully beautiful that my tears couldn't stop flowing. That video just filled the hole in my heart the moment he left Exo", the tweet read.

Another Twitter user said the video explained how much Luhan cherishes the time he spent with EXO. He still follows the band members, and he never deleted any of their prints on his acts. Moreover, the singer greeted them on the 10th debut anniversary. He is one of a kind idol, the person added.

"no, you don't understand why everyone loves Luhan bcs even though he left EXO, he still cherishes his memories with them, didn't unfollow them, didn't delete all their prints on his acct, now greeting their 10th anniv. you don't get that closure to anybody else who left their group", the netizen wrote.

The third person had a similar opinion as the netizen wrote, "Luhan not removing prints of how he was a member of Exo speaks so much volume on his character. The way he neither deleted pictures of them on his IG nor unfollowed any of them & even the ppl he used to work w/ in SK (PDs, choreographers) shows how well-grounded he is as a person".

Singer Luhan
Former EXO member Luhan Instagram

Some netizens described him as a humble person who deserves respect for not forgetting his roots.

no, because luhan studio also posted an mv compilation of luhan's 10 year milestones im crying that is so humble of him to acknowledge his roots i love him so much

"Even though Luhan is not part of EXO anymore, I respect him. He didn't erase any print of him being a former EXO member & always cherishes his memories as EXO", another tweet read.

Luhan, 31, debuted as a member of EXO-M on April 8, 2012, with the single, Mama. After working with the South Korean Chinese boy band for two years, he left the group in October 2014. The singer began his journey in the Chinese entertainment industry in 2015.

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