Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is creating a buzz for its content which deals with teenage suicide. The series is based on a book by Jay Asher which initially received positive reviews but later there was a backlash over the show's graphic content.

According to Yibada, stars of the Netflix show, stars Dylan Minnette and Katharine Langford spoke about the show in the Ellen's show. While talking about the renewal of the show, Minnette told Ellen DeGeneres, "We don't know yet. We really don't."

In a recent appearance on "Ellen," stars Dylan Minnette and Katharine Langford talked about their hit Netflix show.

Minnette further added saying, "I feel like the world's going to know before we do if it happens. I'll be online and be like, 'Oh, there's a second season."

The executive producer of the show, Selena Gomez replied with "Maybe" when she was asked about the renewal.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gomez said that they are not sure what's beyond the show, they just know that there are many stories beneath each of the characters.

Meanwhile, the actors of the show Minnette and Langford have responded to the recent backlash which says that show glamorizes suicide.

Minnette told The Los Angeles Times, "I have tremendous respect for everyone's point of view."

Minnette further said, "I wouldn't want to tell anyone that they have to watch it. I wouldn't want to tell anyone that it is panacea for everybody; no piece of film or television is."

Netflix too responded to the backlash and announced that it will add more content warnings at the beginning of the said series. It will also change the text settings to make the warnings more prominent.