Did Sulli cheat on Chozia: Instagram picture of Dynamic Duo's member hints so

When cheating rumours started circulating, Chozia took down the post after the caption of the picture was being questioned by a number of fans.

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Sulli shot a bed scene with Kim Soo Hyun in film Real Instagram/jelly_jilli

South Korean singer Sulli broke up with Dynamic Duo's Chozia in March and recently it was reported the singer is dating a non-celebrity brand director named Kim Min Joon.

According to Soompi, SM Entertainment confirmed the news that Sulli and Chozia had broken up but they will remain friends.

At that time, Chozia took to Instagram to reveal the reason behind their break after two long years, according to Korea Portal. They were reportedly dating since August 2014.

In the said Instagram post, Chozia posted a picture of a lamb's leg with a caption which read, "So this is a lamb's leg?" It got a lot of attention because lamb's leg actually translates to 'yang-da-ri' which means cheating in a relationship in Korean.

This led to speculation that possibly Sulli may have cheated him in the relationship, which resulted in a break up.

Moreover, recently, SM Entertainment too confirmed that Sulli is indeed in a relationship with Kim Min Jun stating, "The two of them recently began growing feelings for each other. We are worried about the effects this could have on him (Kim Min Jun) since he is a non-celebrity. Please be considerate."

Though there are chances that the break up was due to mere misunderstanding or something else, some fans believe that Sulli might have been cheating on Chozia.

What made things more doubtful is, when these kind of rumours started circulating, Chozia quickly took down the post after the caption of the picture was being questioned by a number of fans.

However, neither of them made any official statements about the subject.

Meanwhile, Sulli is dating the hip-hop crew 360 SOUNDS, Kim Min Joon who is also a general business manager there. He is reportedly in charge of media promotion and launches for the crew. He runs a renowned restaurant in Itaewon. He is also a successful businessman who even launched his own line of bags and furniture.

This article was first published on May 12, 2017