Park Bo Young opens up about her love life, kissing scenes and more

The actress' parents saw the kiss scene in her previous project and they were quite surprised.

Park Bo-young
Park Bo-young in JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.' Woman Do Bong Soon

The lead actress of the JTBC's hit drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Park Bo Young recently shared some details about her love life.

According to Soompi, during an interview, Bo Young responded to the question asked about the increased number of kiss scenes as compared to her previous works. The actress ended up asking, "Do you think I've shown improvement?"

The actress further revealed that her parents saw the kiss scene in her previous project and they were quite surprised. Adding on, for the recently ended drama she didn't tell her parents about the kissing scenes as well. Taking about the kissing scenes Bo Young said, "I feel like this word is banned from our house."

When the actress was asked about her upcoming project and why she didn't choose any melodramatic role till date, she responded by revealing about her love life, "I have yet to be in a relationship serious enough for me to have endured the pains of heartbreak and be choked up in my emotions. This is why I haven't taken up a melodramatic role yet. I don't want to lie and make up my emotions."

The actress added, "I chose Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Wolf Boy because it was about a fresh, new romance. If I ever come out with a very serious, romantic project, you should know that it's because at that point, I would have experienced a very agitated relationship."

Meanwhile, fans really wish that the on-screen couple of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon to get together in real life too. Moreover, Park Hyun Sik and Park Bo Young never leave an opportunity to praise each other, and their off-screen chemistry too has won the hearts of the fans. However, they claim not be in a relationship.

The actress concluded the interview saying, "During my period of rest, I want to recover my health and I hope to meet the public again through a good, follow-up project."

This article was first published on May 10, 2017