NDE Shock: Woman Who Reached Verge of Death Says There is Definitely a Higher Power

Dr Sam Parnia, an NDE expert, had suggested that death is not a black and white moment, but it is a process.

According to medical science, human life will end the moment the brain stops functioning. However, spiritualists have a different story to tell. Citing religious textbooks, spiritualists claim that there is a life after death in an eternal form, and human beings will shift themselves to a different realm after taking their last breath.

The Unusual Case of Carolyn Who Saw God

To substantiate the existence of life after death, spiritualists often put forward the testimonials of people who have reached the verge of death during a near-death experience (NDE). One such testimonial has now gone viral on online spaces, where a woman claimed to have seen God during NDE.

Representational Image (Human Consciousness) Pixabay

This mind-blowing testimonial was shared online by Carolyn. In her testimonial shared on the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website, Carolyn claimed that the afterlife is a kaleidoscope of colors. She also added that she saw God during these moments, and reunited with her deceased parents.

NDE Victim Assures Presence of Higher Power

After the near-death experience, Carolyn changed her attitude towards life, as she strongly believes that there is a higher power that controls everything.

"Standing right in front of me was my mother, father, and brother. My parents looked thirty years old and my brother about sixteen. The figure in the background started to come closer. As it did, I then realized it was God. He told me I am not ready to come home," wrote Carolyn on the NDERF website.

Medical Explanation for These Hallucinations

Even though Carolyn believes in the existence of afterlife, medical experts reveal that near-death experiences are basically the surge of brain activity as one approaches death. According to these medical experts, the brain will adopt a survival trick to combat the reduced oxygen supply during life-threatening events, and it is causing these weird hallucinations.

Dr Sam Parnia, an expert who has dedicated a major share of his career researching near-death experience, also assures that there is no life after death. According to Parnia, death is not a black and white moment, and it is a process where human life will end when the brain stops functioning.