Afterlife Testimonial: Woman Claims to Have Seen Beings Communicating Telepathically During NDE

The testimonial shared by Ione has made many believe that afterlife is real, and humans will continue their journey in a different realm after death

A near-death experience (NDE) testimonial shared by a woman named Ione has now turned out to be the hottest debating topic among spiritualists. In the testimonial shared on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation's website, the woman claimed to have seen heavenly entities communicating telepathically during NDE.

Ione's Unusual NDE

According to Ione, she felt shortness of breath during a surgical procedure that was carried out in the year 2000. Even though Ione tried her best to survive, all her efforts went in vain, and what she saw next was a dark place with four beings around a table.

"I found myself in a dark place with four Beings around a table. They wore hooded cloaks. The light shone out of the front of the hoods, like a glowing light. Their hands were also made of light. I was located at my head but just slightly under the table and out of the way. These Beings worked very swiftly but they were certain in what each one of them had to do. There was no talking between them but it was a very coordinated effort. They may have been communicating telepathically but I'm not sure," wrote Ione on the NDERF website.

Ione also claimed to have heard a humming voice, which she believes was from another world. However, the NDE victim made it could not understand the language used in that humming.

"I heard a humming type of noise, but I think it was coming from the other world. I couldn't understand any words. When the Beings were finished with my adjustments, I found myself instantly back in the earthly world and heading toward my physical body," added Ione.

NDE Mysteries Continue

Citing testimonials similar to Ione's. spiritualists strongly argue that life after death is real. These spiritualists also claim that the concept of life after death is mentioned in all religious books.

However, Sam Parnia, a top expert who has dedicated his entire life to studying the phenomenon of death assures that there is no life after death. According to Parnia, death is basically a process, and is not a black and white moment. He also reveals that death is a blissful experience.

According to medical experts like Parnia, the visual hallucinations during NDE is the result of a survival trick adopted by the human brain to combat the less oxygen supply.