Naked Woman Gets Her Boobs Tasered After Attacking Cop With Wine Bottle in Florida

A 53-year-old naked woman was tasered in her breasts by the cops after she ransacked two eateries located in Silver Springs in Ocala Florida. Tina Kindred initially created a ruckus at Mojo Grill before ransacking Outback Steakhouse.

Kindred was arrested and charged for aggravated battery on law enforcement and felony criminal mischief. The video of the incident has also gone viral on social media.

tina kindred
53-year-old Tina Kindred. Twitter

Kindred Destroyed Wine Bottles Kept in the Bar Area

The viral clip which has generated over 3.5 million views shows a stark-naked Kindred inside the restaurant. She is wearing a white-colored flip flops and kept her hair open.

Standing on the bar counter, Kindred starts throwing wine bottles and glasses on the floor. Several people can be heard shouting and asking her to stop her act as she goes on her rampage. After throwing the bottles from the top shelf of the counter, she moves to the lower one and keeps throwing more bottles.

Ocala News stated that the police report revealed that the Ocala Police Department officer received a call about a topless woman acting out of control in Mojo Grill. After ransacking the property, Kindred got into a customer's car and was found driving recklessly in the parking lot, before exiting the parking lot, according to the sheriff's report.

Later, the cops received another call from the Outback Steak House, located on the same road, about Kindred acting "crazy" while breaking things in the bar.

Naked Woman Threw Bottles at the Cop Before being Tasered

The video shows Kindred throwing a bottle of liquor at the officer who entered the eatery. After the first bottle missed the cop, the 53-year-old tossed another bottle at him which appeared to have hit his arm.

The cop is repeatedly heard telling Kindred to get on the ground. As she nears him, the cop is seen using his taser on the naked woman's boobs, following which she falls down on the ground. The accused was sent to Advent Health for treatment, after being handcuffed by the responding officers.

Fox News reported that the arrest affidavit stated that Kindred was incoherent when the cop arrived and had thrown three bottles at him before she was tased. One of the bottles reportedly made contact with his forearm.

"She feels that the owner is not honest. She admitted that she attempted to enter The Mojo Grill, but was denied entry by the employees," the arrest affidavit states. "After being denied entry she began to flip tables."