Mysterious Whale Buys $750 Million Worth Shiba Inu Coins in the Last 10 Days

A mysterious Shiba Inu whale bought $750 million worth SHIB coins over the last 10 days. The whale steadily filled up his/her bag with Shiba Inu coins and in the last 10 days, picked up SHIB seven times totaling it to $750,000,000.

The identity of the Shiba Inu whale remains to be a mystery. Looking at the large scale of purchase, the whale can be a billionaire entrepreneur, business entity or financial institution. However, nobody knows who among the three the whale belong to.

Shiba Inu Whale Watch
Representational image / Pixabay

Talks on over social media claim that the whale could is Robinhood. Many claim that Robinhood is taking early entry position on Shiba Inu and buying large amounts of it before listing SHIB on their platform.

Many others claim that Elon Musk is trading in Shiba Inu secretly as he loves the Doge 'patron saint' Shiba. Nonetheless, these are just rumours and the identity of the whale is not confirmed and high chances are the whale will never be identified.

Investors have now kept their eyes on the whale's wallet address and are tracking every move he/she makes in terms of Shiba Inu. The wallet address is available on and shows that the whale also owns Dinger Token among others.

Also, another whale discreetly moved 40 trillion SHIB coins to four different wallets. The whale transferred 10 trillion coins worth $600 million each to all the four wallets respectively. Surprisingly, all the four wallets have no history of token transfers and are new.

The purpose for transferring 40 trillion coins worth $600 million remains unknown. However, many on social media claim that the whale is doing the transactions to avoid taxes and is dividing his/her portfolio in various avatars.

A point to be noted is that as and when the whale transferred 60 trillion coins, the price of Shiba Inu saw a sudden dip and was down -1.91%. The coin then slipped further and is now down -7.54% in the day's trade.

Whales have shown keen interest in SHIB as just yesterday, another whale picked up 153 billion coins worth $11 million. The whale brought the coins just a day before Kraken listed Shiba Inu on their platform, which is today.

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu was trading at 0.00006436 and is down -8.44% in the days trade.