My Lovely Liar Episode 6 Recap, Review: Mok Sol Hee Makes A Big Confession to Kim Do Ha

My Lovely Liar episode 6 aired on tvN Tuesday (August 15) at 8:50 pm KST. The chapter followed the onscreen couple as they spent quality time together. Kim Do Ha finally removed his mask in public and confidently went out for dinner with Mok Dol Hee. People in Korea watched the episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the show on various online streaming platforms, including Viki.

Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha began to understand each other better in the sixth episode of My Lovely Liar. The chapter picked up from where it left off in episode 5 and featured the onscreen couple at the nightclub. Kim Do Ha removed his mask between the performance and smiled at Mok Dol Hee.

Jang Joong Kyu happily encouraged the musician to face the public without wearing a mask. After the performance, Kim Do Ha took Mok Dol Hee to a restaurant. He was thankful to her for boosting his confidence. She was happy to see him trying to live like others. However, the musician became conscious after the duo entered the eatery. He thought the people around them identified him.

Kim Do Ha constantly confirmed with Mok Dol Hee that no one knew his identity. When the lie detector realized her neighbor was uncomfortable, she took him to a bar. The female lead told the musician he could comfortably have his food at a bar because everybody was busy drinking and having fun. They ordered some food and a drink to enjoy their time together.

My Lovely Liar
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The Turning Point

Shortly, Mok Dol Hee got drunk. Kim Do Ha had to take her home on his back. When the lie detector woke, she remembered everything about last night. She felt ashamed and embarrassed about acting silly after getting drunk and slapping her neighbor when he helped her get home safely because of a misunderstanding. She struggled to find a way to clear things out with the musician.

In the meantime, Kim Do Ha went out to the supermarket to buy handover soup and drinks for his neighbor. He met So Bo Ro, who took him to his bakery. The musician met a few more people, including Oh O-Baek and Hwang Cho Rok.

When her neighbor gave her the hangover soup and the drinks, Mok Dol Hee felt happy. She felt relieved after realizing things did work out between them. The lie detector helped her neighbor to remove the Tteokbokki stain on his white shirt. She washed and ironed the cloth before returning it to him. Then, the duo planned to go out in the evening to watch a warm-up match.

My Lovely Liar
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A Big Confession

Kim Do Ha and Mok Dol Hee were having fun and getting to know each other when the lie detector dealt with a challenging situation. She met her mother during work. A client approached her to find out about a woman her father plans to marry. The suspicious woman was Cha Hyang Sook. Mok Dol Hee was surprised to see her mother cheating on a wealthy man for his money.

Although Cha Hyang Sook requested her daughter to help her daughter for the last time, the lie detector revealed the truth to her client. Later, Cha Hyang Sook furiously entered Luni Tarot Cafe and started breaking things in anger. Since it was raining outside and the neighbor was not home, the musician went out to check on her and overheard the conversation between Mok Dol Hee and her mother.

When Cha Hyang Sook told the musician that her daughter was a Shamam, Mok Dol Hee felt embarrassed. She tried to avoid contact with her neighbor and went out in pain. Kim Do Ha followed her to help her handle the situation calmly. But she told him that this relationship wouldn't work anymore. She struggled her entire life because of her special gift.

This article was first published on August 16, 2023