My Lovely Liar Episode 3 Recap: Some Hidden Secrets

My Lovely Liar episode 3 aired on tvN Monday (August 7) at 8:50 pm KST. The chapter followed the onscreen couple -- Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha -- as they grew closer to each other while hiding their secrets from one another. As the onscreen couple crossed paths several times, they got attracted to each other unknowingly.

The third episode picked up right from where the fantasy romance drama left off in episode 2. Do Ha felt uncomfortable with Sol Hee after she removed his mask and saw his face. He tried to avoid her by moving into his old apartment. Although Sol Hee wanted to clear up the misunderstanding, she did not get a chance to do so.

Sol Hee waited for Do Ha to return. But he had no plans to move back until he saw media persons waiting outside his apartment. He rushed to the old neighborhood and saw the girl next door standing on the other side of the road. Do Ha ignored her at first. But when he saw a stranger approaching Sol Hee, he reached out to her for help.

Sol Hee handled the situation calmly. She knew that the person was not lying. He needed help. Do Ha was surprised to see his neighbor trusting a strange person and lending him money without hesitation. He does not know that she can hear lies. The incident got them closer to each other.

My Lovely Liar
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A Dinner Night

Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha shared some hidden secrets with the viewers in My Lovely Liar episode 3. They enjoyed dinner together at a restaurant after she got into trouble at a nightclub. Sol Hee was reminded of her first love while helping a client. She went on a blind date to know if her client's partner was telling the truth. When Do Ha heard her telephone conversation, he thought she was going on a blind date.

So, when he saw her at the nightclub after he wrapped up his work at the club, he thought she was with her blind date. Do Ha interrupted Sol Hee and the man shouting at her after the latter tried to grab her by the collar. The musician helped the girl next door and took her home safely.

The couple had dinner together on their way home and had some light conversations with one another. Sol Hee told Do Ha to let his guard down because everybody was busy dealing with their problems. According to her, people would not be interested in him.

However, two media persons were secretly looking for the musician's whereabouts. Sol Hee quickly identified the people and tried to help Do Ha from getting exposed.

The First Love

My Lovely Liar episode 3 introduced viewers to detective Lee Kang Min, portrayed by Seo Ji Hoon. He was Sol Hee's first love. The former couple parted ways after Sol Hee heard him lying about their relationship. He would have a role in the relationship between Do Ha and Sol Hee.

The detective recently shifted to Seoul to meet his former lover again and clear up all the misunderstandings. The followers of this romantic fantasy drama will have to watch the fourth episode on Tuesday (August 8) to find out why Sol Hee and the detective called it quits.