My Lovely Liar Episode 4 Recap, Review: The Big Revelation

My Lovely Liar episode 4 aired on tvN Tuesday (August 8) at 8:50 pm KST. The chapter followed -- Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha -- as they became good friends while helping one another in difficult times. The onscreen couple helped each other selflessly whenever they felt the other person was in trouble.

The chapter picked up from where the fantasy romance drama left in episode 3. Mok Sol Hee helped Kim Do Ha hide his face from the reporters. The duo pretended to be a lovely couple in front of the media. They cleverly handled the situation and rushed to their apartments.

However, the reporters followed them to the floor. Kim Do Ha struggled to open his door quickly. So, Mok Sol Hee pulled him inside her home and strategically dealt with the reporters. The onscreen couple spent time together while the reporters waited for the musician outside their apartment.

Things took an unexpected turn after the journalists fought with a delivery man. The surprising turn of events paves the way for a reunion between Mok Sol Hee and her ex-boyfriend after several years. Detective Lee Kang Min was happy and excited to see his former lover again. But he was disappointed to realize she was spending time with a man.

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A Big Lie

The former couple met again the next day at the tarot cafe. Mok Sol Hee was closing the shop when her ex-boyfriend reached out to help her. They were in the middle of an awkward conversation when the musician visited the place. Mok Sol Hee used this opportunity to stir things up. She introduced Kim Do Ha as her boyfriend. Although the detective was hurt, he hid his emotions and left.

Meanwhile, Syaon struggled with separation anxiety after Jo Deuk Chan informed her about Kim Do Ha's plans to stop working with her. She called the musician while he was having dinner with his neighbor at a restaurant and threatened him. After she hung up, he struggled with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Mok Dol Hee offered to help the musician seeing him panicking and struggling to breathe. The duo went to the beach and met the K-pop idol. The first meeting between Syaon and Mok Dol Hee did not go well. The viewers can look forward to the love triangle between the trio in the upcoming episode.

The Hidden Truth

Mok Sol Hee and Kim Do Ha got entangled in a love triangle in My Lovely Liar episode 4. Syaon felt uncomfortable with the girl next door. She could dig dip into the relationship between the musician and his neighbor when the fantasy romance drama returns with a new episode next week.

After the beach incident, the musician felt very weak. He took a quick nap in the cast while his neighbor drove him home. Kim Do Ha was fast asleep when the couple reached their apartments. Although Mok Sol Hee tried to wake him up, he kept his eyes closed and fought with some painful memories. Unknowingly, the musician shared a big secret with the girl next door towards the end of the fourth episode.