The Miracle of Teddy Bear Ending Explained, Episodes 14 -16 [Finale] Recap; What Happened to Tofu?

The Miracle of Teddy Bear ended on Sunday, May 1, with episode 16. The last three chapters of this Thai BL drama focus on the complicated relationship between Saen, Na, and Sib. It revealed a lot about the love triangle and its impact on Nut. Jane also suffered a lot because of the twin brothers and their attraction toward Na. Tofu helped each one of them understand where they went wrong. He stood by Nut in a difficult time and made him strong.

When Tofu was busy solving others' problems, he did not know how to end his story with Nut. He knew that his presence would affect their happy ending. Tatarn could never wake up if Tofu is healthy because the former's desire to be with Nut turned a teddy bear into a human. Though Tofu wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nut, he knew it was not the right thing to do. Tofu hurt himself several times for Tatarn.

Finally, Tofu got a chance to wrap things in a good way with the help of Jane. He knew she wanted to kill him to protect her husband. So when she invited him to her house, he happily went there and drank the poisonous drink she offered. By the time Saen and But reached out to help Tofu, it was too late. Although Nut rushed him to the hospital, he bid farewell to all. The incident brought Tatarn to life.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear
Tofu as Nut's teddy bear and his boyfriend in the finale of The Miracle of Teddy Bear. Twitter

The Teddy Bear is Back

After the human form of Tofu bid adieu to all, the teddy bear came back to Nut. Kuechai helped Tofu to reunite with Nut. He saw the teddy bear lying on the ground and alerted his master. Gen, Prib, and Song were surprised to find the teddy bear near the temple with the right slipper of Na. Nut took the teddy bear and slipper back home. They happily watched Nut rekindling his relationship with Tatarn.

Nut missed Tofu a lot, and he always wondered how the guy reached his house. Even when Nut was with Tatarn, he spoke about Tofu. Song, Gen, and Prib also had a lot to talk about Tofu. The teddy bear was happy to hear people say only good things about him. He was also glad to know that Tatarn managed to stop TRD from moving forward with the construction work. But things did not go according to the plan because Sean took the blame and went to jail.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear
Tatarn meet Nut again in the last episode of The Miracle of Teddy Bear Twitter

Song and Gen also got their happy endings. Song thought his father would oppose their relationship, but he knew about it long ago. When the police officer found out his son was gay, it shook him. Gradually, he accepted the truth and waited for Song to inform him.

Big Revelation

The last three episodes of The Miracle of Teddy Bear also revealed some secrets about Sib's death. Nut's father did not die by accidentally taking the wrong medicine. Sean gave him those medicines to help Na. He thought Na and Nut would be happy if his twin brother died. When Na found out the truth, she became mentally ill. Nut suffered after his father's demise. Na did not have the courage, to tell the truth until Tofu spoke to her. Na told Nut the truth about his father's death after Tofu left them all.