The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episodes 14-16 [Finale] Spoilers, Release Dates, Streaming Details

The Miracle of Teddy Bear will return for its final run on Channel 3 this weekend. Episode 14 is set to air on Friday, April 29, at 8.20 pm ICT. The chapter will continue to focus on the romantic relationship between Nut and Tofu. It will also address the various challenges faced by the couple due to Nut's former lover Tatarn. Though Tatarn is still unconscious, he was the reason for Nut's teddy bear taking a human form.

Nut still does not believe that Tofu was his teddy bear that turned into a human. Nut still thinks Tofu was related to his former lover Tatarn. He is worried about getting entangled in a love triangle. Tofu is also worried after knowing about Tatarn. Unlike Nut, Tofu is curious to know how and why he turned into a human. Tofu also wants to help Nut in every way possible before his time ends. He knows that there is only limited time left for him.

The followers of this Thai BL drama are also curious about what lies ahead for Tofu. The teddy bear turned into a human being when Tatarn lost his unconsciousness. Since that day, he has been doing everything to help Nut with his work and problems. His ability to talk to non-living things helped him know a lot about human beings. Although it was difficult for him to understand humans for the first few weeks, he gradually started thinking like them.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear
Na and Nut cries in The Miracle of Teddy Bear episode 13. Twitter

What's Next for Tofu?

Previously in the mini-series, Tofu found out about Sean and his wife's role in injuring Tatarn. A cactus narrated the incident to Tofu. The plant also handed over a piece of crucial evidence to Tofu. He has not shared the information with anyone. Nut is also clueless about the reason for Tatarn's current situation. The investigation team, including Song's father, is still searching for the culprit. Although the investigation team is suspicious of Sean and his wife, the team is yet to collect solid evidence against them.

Tofu could be the one to help the investigation team is gathering evidence against Sean and his wife. Tofu may not have much time left after the mysterious case is solved. The teddy bear may turn back to its original form after Tatarn regains consciousness and reunites with Nut. The viewers will have to watch the last two episodes of this Thai BL series to know the story of Tofu.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear
Nut is crying in The Miracle of Teddy Bear episode 13 Twitter

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Ending

Episode 15 of this mini-series is scheduled to air on Saturday, April 30, at 8.20 pm ICT, and the final chapter will be broadcast on Sunday. The episodes could feature a happy ending for Tatarn and Nut. Tofu might watch them from afar as they stay together for the rest of their lives. Na and Nut might begin a new journey with Tatarn while Sean and his wife spend the rest of their lives in jail.

Tofu may find the left slipper before turning back into a teddy bear. He might even help Song and Kensit get their happy ending. As of now, Song's father does not know that his son is gay. He may not appreciate it like Kensit's parents. It may take a while for him to accept the relationship between Song and Kensit.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear
Tofu with Nut and his friends in The Miracle of Teddy Bear episode 12. Twitter

How to Watch The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episodes 14, 15, and 16 Online?

The followers of this Thai BL series can tune in to Channel 3 this weekend to watch the last three episodes. International viewers can watch the finale with subtitles on Netflix on Friday and Saturday.