The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 11 Spoilers, Release Date, Streaming Details, and More

The Miracle of Teddy Bear will return with a new episode on Channel 3 Friday, April 22, at 8.20 pm ICT. The chapter will be available with subtitles on Netflix on the same day for international fans. Since the Thai BL series is just a week away from its finale, the viewers are curious to know what lies ahead for Nut and Tofu. They are also eager about a reunion between Nut and Tatarn.

After staying silent for nearly a decade, Nut decided to share his love story with Tofu in episode 10. He began by telling Tofu about his secret crush on Nueng and how it helped him get closer to his ex-boyfriend. While sharing the details of his first love, he also spoke about the various challenges he faced in his childhood. Nut informed Tofu that he never imagined a romantic relationship with Tatarn when he first met him.

Nut's First Love

However, they got closer to each other while spending time together. Tatarn knew about Nut's secret crush on Nueng. He pretended to help Nut get closer to Nueng. After a while, Nut realized that Tatarn was fooling him. He was trying to get closer to Nut. Although Nut ignored Tatarn for some time, he realized the senior's presence made him happy. Nut learned the freedom that he got when he was with Tatarn.

After sharing this much information with Tofu, Nut thought it could be harsh to tell his current boyfriend about the good days he spent with his former lover. He apologized to Tofu for hurting him and promised him that he would not discuss Tatarn with him again. But Tofu wanted to know more about Nut's ex-boyfriend. He was curious about their breakup.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear
A promotional still of Thai BL drama The Miracle of Teddy Bear. Twitter

Reason for Breakup

Nut could share the reason for his breakup with Tatarn in the upcoming episode of this Thai BL drama. The chapter will air on Channel 3 Friday at 8.20 pm ICT. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on Netflix.

Though Nut never wanted to tell the details of his breakup with Tatarn, Tofu might make him spill it. He wants to know why Nut is always angry with his mother and what's her involvement in the breakup. Nut might have decided to call it quits with Tatarn because of his father Sib, who was ashamed of his guy son.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 11 Spoilers

The promo for this week does not tease about the relationship between Nut and Tofu. The video focused on the romance between Song and Kensit. Last week, Song found out from Nut that Kensit does not want to date younger men. Kensit's father then told Song about the reason for this decision. He also encouraged Song to work harder to impress Kensit. So, Song would try his best to get a positive nod from Kensit.

The promo video shares a glimpse of the conversation between Song and Kensit. Song informs Kensit that he will never give up on him. It remains to be seen if Kensit will go out with Song.