Melania Trump 'Sold her P**sy And Soul' Says Stormy Daniels; Netizens Talk About Melania's Boob Job

American porn star Stormy Daniels has accused First Lady of the United States Melania Trump of being an illegal who sold her p**sy and soul. Daniels' comments come a day after the FLOTUS called her a 'hooker' in a leaked tape.

Daniels, shot into limelight after she claimed to have sex with the US President Donald Trump in 2006, just months after the birth of Barron Trump. In the claim, Daniels accused Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen of paying her $130,000 for keeping mum on the issue. She even sued Trump for forcing her into a "hush-agreement" just before the 2016 election. However, Trump has denied having any affair with Daniels.

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Melania Trump and Stormy Daniels Call Each Other 'Hooker'. Twitter

Stormy Daniels Pokes Fun at Melania's Be Best Campaign

In a scathing tweet posted hours after being called 'porn hooker' Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, said that since she was not paid for the sex, and she isn't a hooker.

"Hahaha! Although I wasn't paid for sex and therefore technically not a "hooker" I'll take being that over what you are any day. You sold your pussy AND your soul...and I'm legal. Keep talking about me. I like your new tits btw. Post (more) nudes? #bebest lol," tweeted Daniels.

The controversy erupted after Melania's former aide and a close confidante Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released tapes of Melania terming Daniels a porn hooker. The comments came in reference to Daniels photoshoot for Vogue magazine in 2018. Apparently the photo shoot was done by noted photographer Annie Leibovitz.

'If you Google, go Google and read it Annie Leibovitz shot the porn hooker, as she will be in one of the issues, September or October,' Melania is heard telling Wolkoff in the leaked tapes.

When Wolkoff asked 'What do you mean, she shot the 'porn hooker?'' Melania responds by saying, 'Stormy.' However, when the former aide expressed shock, the FLOTUS added, "Oh you didn't read it. . It was yesterday it came out. For Vogue. She will be in Vogue. Annie Leibowitz shot her," The recorded tapes were played by Wolkoff during the Mea Culpa podcast hosted by Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Twitter Chatter About Melania's Tits

The scathing tweet by Daniels sure started a wildfire of comments on the microblogging site. There were several who spoke about Daniels' remark, 'I like your new tits' for the FLOTUS.

"Can we now call Melania the First Lady of Over-inflated Tits?" wrote a user as other added, "I saw Melania's tits this morning."

"Way to go Stormy... you had a one lousy night with @realDonaldTrump Mr. tiny limpy!!! Melania is accepting that experience everyday& night and has to shut up and act like rag doll to keep the money flowing! Fake, tits, and all!!!" tweeted a user.

"Oh wow Stormy called out Melania's new not sad titties. I'm telling you those other things she had and posted were really sad titties. They were shleprock tits. Those titties got coal in their stocking for Christmas. Those titties never got candy for Halloween just rocks," added other.