Viral Video Shows Woman Threatening to Kill Landlord's Dog Over Refusal to Share WiFi Password

An unnamed woman threatened to kill her boyfriend's family dog after they refused to give her the new password for the WiFi. The woman, who shares four children with her boyfriend, has been given several eviction notices by the family in the past.

The video of the incident was recorded by her boyfriend's teenage sister and was later shared on reddit by a user, Scary_Xenomorph. In a bid to block the unruly tenant from accessing the WiFi, the landlords had changed the password.

Woman Says No Rule Against Issuing Death Threats to Animals

The woman, whose name was not disclosed by the user, is seen wearing a black T-shirt with few pieces of gold coloured jewellery. She is seen standing outside the glass door on the house.

Yelling at the girl recording her, the woman is heard shouting , "I live here. It's illegal! Why don't you come outside and be a woman? Come outside, let's talk. Give me the f*****g WiFi before you get arrested, and your mom 'cause I live here and it's illegal.'

Threatening to kill the family dog, which is also seen briefly in the video, the abusive tenant threatens whether they want their dog to come dead? "I have ways in, and your dog won't be breathing tomorrow. You have two seconds to give me the WiFi. I need the WiFi! Dog. Doggie? Dead. You're not gonna f**k with me. Because when you're outside by yourself one day, you're gonna be f****d."

Threatening to poison the dog, the woman goes on, "It is just the thing for him. Threatening a dog is not against the law' because 'it's not a human being.'

Landlords Tried Multiple Times To Evict the Abusive Woman

Internewscast reported that Scary_Xenomorph, while sharing a message received from the teenager, revealed that her brother and the woman were living together in their basement since September 2018. The couple pay $800 in rent.

The couple had four children staying with them in the basement. However, they were taken away by the Child Protective Services, after the basement was found inhospitable for the children.

According to the user, the couple has been issued several eviction notices, but to no avail. The latest attempt to evict them was stalled in wake of the pandemic.

The abusive woman is seen targeting the teen for her facial features and accuse her of being under her mother's influence. "You killed yourself for a nose job. You took too many pills to get your f*****g nose done and it still looks like s**t."

When the girl urges her to go away, the woman says, "'Jesus Christ, are you going to make it? Your mom got to you, honey. It's not your fault your mom's a b**h. My mom was the same way to me. Hence why I'm a c**t now. But I'm not gonna let a 19-year-old girl talk s**t or have a nasty attitude," she said in the video.