Megan Fox Gets Slammed into Barricade after Boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly Gets into Brawl with Fan at Orange County Fair [WATCH]

In the video, a visibly angry Machine Gun Kelly approaches the two men and gets close to one of them, appearing to initiate the altercation by throwing the first punch.

Machine Gun Kelly was seen "throwing the first hit" during a heated altercation with two men on Thursday at the Orange County Fair in an explosive new video. The altercation seemingly began after a verbal spat between MGK and the two men, which was previously captured on film.

In the video, MGK and his fiancée, Megan Fox, can be seen looking at the two men who are standing in a queue. The situation escalated when a passer-by threw a punch at MGK, prompting his bodyguard to intervene. During the scuffle, Megan was also slammed into a barrier. The Transformers actress, 37, looked shaken after the incident on Thursday.

Blows and Punches

In the video, a visibly angry Machine Gun Kelly approaches the two men and gets close to one of them, appearing to initiate the altercation by throwing the first punch. In response, the man pushes MGK back, and his friend then strikes the musician in the face during the scuffle.

The situation quickly escalates as tensions rise between the parties involved.

The incident at the Orange County Fair comes shortly after another shocking video emerged showing Megan Fox and MGK leaving a ride. As they got off the ride, the altercation unfolded, leaving Fox visibly shocked and frightened.

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly's bodyguard seen punching the attacker into a barricade with Megan Fox caught in the middle Twitter

MGK's bodyguard intervened and pushed the alleged attacker into a barricade. Initially, it was reported that the man had approached MGK and attempted to assault him, leading to the scuffle.

In the video, Megan Fox can be seen caught in the middle of the altercation. MGK quickly pulled her back from the situation to protect her.

Onlookers were left in shock as the rapper comforted his fiancée, who appeared dazed and shaken after the encounter.

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly was caught in a heated scuffle with two men at the Orange County Fair, where he appeared to initiate the altercation by throwing the first punch. Twitter

Back in 2021, MMA champion Conor McGregor called the rapper a "little vanilla boy rapper" after tussling with MGK on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The incident took place while both Kelly and McGregor were posing for photographers on the red carpet alongside their respective partners, Megan Fox and Dee Devlin, just before the start of the show.

Fox intervened between the two would-be fighters and wrapped her arms around MGK as they were led away from the growing crowd that had gathered.

Megan Fox and MGK
The incident left Megan Fox visibly shocked and frightened. Twitter

After the scuffle, McGregor downplayed the incident, stating that nothing happened because he only spars with "real fighters." He also mentioned that he was aware of MGK only because he is dating Megan Fox.

As Dirty as It Gets

Megan and Kelly's recent outing comes at a time when sources have indicated that the couple is "on the right track again." According to an insider, the lovebirds have made significant progress in therapy, which has helped them build trust in their relationship.

"They've had so much success in therapy together. As they start to trust each other, they've been talking about getting married again."

The couple got engaged in January 2022, and they celebrated the one-year anniversary of their engagement earlier this year.

In March a source claimed:"'They have stalled wedding planning to work on their issues. Their relationship is pretty volatile at the moment. They are currently off, but still texting each other."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox with Machine Gun Kelly Twitter

Reports suggest that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's relationship is currently facing difficulties and remains uncertain. To move forward successfully, they may require a "significant breakthrough."

"[Megan] isn't sure where things stand with Colson, and it's complicated at the moment. They're still working on their relationship because the love they had was the real deal,' a source told Us Weekly at that time.

"That's not something that just goes away overnight. However, they would need to have a significant breakthrough to make things work. It's all up in the air right now."

The couple had a major altercation in February during Super Bowl weekend, according to reports.

"She was supposed to go to his performance at the Sports Illustrated party, but they had a fight and she canceled plans and flew out Saturday evening," the source said.