AOA's Choa
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On May 17, news broke out that AOA's Choa is reportedly dating the young CEO of Najin Industry, Lee Suk Jin.

According to Soompi, it was reported that two were introduced first by Super Junior's Kim Heechul. It was also reported that the two have been dating since last year.

Soon after the news broke out, the agency of the singer FNC Entertainment stated, "Right now, we are currently contacting Choa about the dating reports. We will reveal our statement after we confirm the news."

FNC Entertainment after contacting Choa informed that AOA's Choa is not in a relationship with the CEO of the gaming company. The label mentioned that the two are simply friends and are not currently dating.

According to Koreaboo, the agency stated, "After checking with Choa, we found out that she's not in a relationship with him. He's just a close friend and the earlier reports are false."

Lee Suk Jin, who has inherited the CEO position of Najin Industry in April 2011, is reportedly a well known AOA fan and visited a number of AOA concerts and events on a regular basis. Najin Industry is an electronics distributor company that distributes complexes in Yongsan Electronics Market and is well-known for it, as it is the centre of the electronics industry in Korea. Lee Suk Jin It also is an e-World management company, with Lee Suk Jin known to be an avid fan of eSports.

There were rumours that the insiders in the e-Sports community too knew about Choa and Lee Suk Jin's relationship.