Matthew Perry Was Abusive and Assaulted Women Including Throwing a 'Coffee Table' at Ex-Fiancee Molly Hurwitz

Sources close to the late "Friends" star told the Daily Mail that Perry allegedly once threw a coffee table at Hurwitz in 2021 when she confronted him about infidelity.

Matthew Perry is facing serious allegations of physically assaulting multiple women, including his ex-fiancée Molly Hurwitz, in the years leading up to his death, according to an article. New and explosive allegations have emerged detailing how Perry allegedly threw a coffee table at Molly Hurwitz after she confronted him about infidelity in 2021.

Perry, 54, was found dead in the hot tub at his Los Angeles residence on October 28. Despite battling drug and alcohol addiction for years, he had claimed that he was clean in the 18 months leading up to his death. His cause of death has been officially ruled as an accident from acute effects of ketamine.

The Dark Side of Perry

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Sources close to the late "Friends" star told the Daily Mail that Perry allegedly once threw a coffee table at Hurwitz in 2021 when she confronted him about infidelity. The source also claimed that Perry had an angry "meltdown" in March 2022, during which he allegedly shoved his live-in sober companion, Morgan Moses, into a wall and threw her onto a bed.

Perry and Hurwitz began dating in 2018 and publicly called off their engagement in mid-2021. According to a source, Hurwitz officially called off the relationship in February, following a Valentine's Day altercation between the two.

Molly Hurwitz
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The literary talent manager reportedly confronted Perry after learning that he had purchased a romantic gift for Kate Haralson, whom he had met on the dating app Raya.

"He threw a coffee table at her and told her that she was crazy," the sources said. "He hated that she dumped him and he had terrible abandonment issues."

According to the source close to The Mail, Perry allegedly shoved Moses into a wall and "threw her onto a bed" during a "meltdown" in March 2022.

As it turned out, after Perry attacked Moses, now 37, quit her job as his sober companion a severed all contact with him for a full year before his memoir came out.

The source said: "Morgan was no longer working with Matthew. He had a horrible breakdown and in the heat of the moment he could not control his emotions. He had a fear that he was going to be abandoned,' a source explained. 'He shoved Morgan into a wall and threw her onto a bed. She left."

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"The man those close to him knew and the man that the world saw were two very different people."

In his memoir "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," Perry used the pseudonym Erin to write about Moses. He referred to her as his "best friend" and attributed the saving of his life after his colon burst to her. However, according to sources, this account is not accurate.

Abusive and Infidel

Perry, 54, drowned in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home on October 28. The cause of his death was determined to be a combination of the "acute effects of ketamine," drowning, coronary artery disease, and the impact of buprenorphine (an opioid).

Molly Hurwitz
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He was undergoing "ketamine infusion therapy" for "depression and anxiety" toward the end of his life despite claiming that he had been sober for 19 months at the time of his death. The legality of his use of ketamine remains unclear.

However, Perry has been described differently, with some people portraying him as "incredibly reclusive," while others have described him as "angry and mean."

Hurwitz remembered her former partner in an Instagram post just days after his passing.

Matthew Perry
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"As the 'Friends' reunion was approaching, we rewatched the show together. 'F–k, I was so good!!!...See what I did there???' " she wrote. "We rewound and studied scenes. Our respect and appreciation of humor is something that connected us. Being with him as he rediscovered his brilliance was magical.

"But, I obviously knew that man in a very different way, too," Hurwitz continued. "While I loved him deeper than I could comprehend, he was complicated, and he caused pain like I'd never known. No one in my adult life has had a more profound impact on me than Matthew Langford Perry. I have tremendous gratitude for that, for everything I learned from our relationship."

Needless to say, Perry's life was completely different from what he claimed in his memoir.