Marvel Studio Cuts Ties With 'Avengers 5' Star Jonathan Majors After His Conviction in Assault and Harassment Case of Ex-Girlfriend

Majors was scheduled to play the lead role in Marvel's upcoming movie.

In a significant development involving actor Jonathan Majors and his formal girlfriend grace Jabbari, Marvel Studios has reportedly cut ties with the actor known for his role in "Creed III," after he was found guilty of harassing and assaulting Jabbari. Majors, previously cast as Kang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Multiverse Saga, faces potential repercussions, including a jail sentence and a possible halt to his Hollywood career.

Jonathan Majors and Ex

Marvel Studios has decided to sever its association with actor Jonathan Majors following his recent conviction for two misdemeanor counts of harassment and assault against his ex-partner, Grace Jabbari. Majors, a rising star at 34, was poised to be a leading face in Marvel's superhero lineup.

The jury delivered the verdict on Monday, prompting Marvel to swiftly distance itself from the actor, who had been cast as Kang, the central antagonist in the upcoming "Avengers 5," previously known as 'The Avengers: Kang Dynasty,' slated for 2026.

Majors, accused of assaulting Jabbari in March, faced charges related to an incident in a private car. The victim claimed Majors forcefully took his phone back, resulting in an injury to her finger, and later physically assaulted her. However, Majors was found not guilty of one count of intentional assault and one count of aggravated harassment.

During the trial, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office presented text messages and an audio recording as evidence, including Majors attempting to dissuade Jabbari from seeking medical attention and making threatening statements. The potential consequences for Majors include a jail sentence of up to a year and potential career ramifications, including the jeopardization of his role in the unreleased film 'Magazine Dreams.'

This development raises questions about the future of Majors' Hollywood career and the impact on Marvel's cinematic plans. The studio's decision to cut ties underscores the industry's growing emphasis on accountability and the consequences for those found guilty of misconduct.