Jonathan Majors Domestic Violence Case: Ex Grace Jabbari testifies " He Knows What He's Done"

Majors has lost many roles and advertising campaigns since the news of domestic abuse broke out.

In an ongoing Trial against actor Jonathan Majors, ex- girlfriend Grace Jabbari took the stand today, detailing the ongoing emotional toll of the alleged domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of ' Loki' actor. The trial, which began on December 4, continued with Jabbari providing a harrowing account of the events that unfolded on March 25 in New York City.

Jonathan Majors and Ex

Jabbari, a British National and self-described "professional dancer," testified about the tumultuous relationship she shared with Majors leading up to the incident. The courtroom, presided over by Judge Michael Gaffey and a jury of three men and three women, witnessed Jabbari's emotional testimony as she spoke about the alleged abuse.

"He knows what he's done. He's cheated on me, he's attacked me," Jabbari asserted, her gaze fixed on Majors, who faces assault and harassment charges. Despite facing questions from both the Manhattan District Attorney's office and the defense, Jabbari remained resolute in her account of the events that transpired eight months ago.

Majors, who pleaded innocent to the charges, could face up to a year behind bars if found guilty. Uncommon for misdemeanor cases, Majors' decision to go to trial may be linked to the severe repercussions he has faced since the March incident. Notably, he was dropped by management company Entertainment 360 and publicist The Lede Company in April. Furthermore, previously announced roles and advertising campaigns were withdrawn, with Disney removing a film starring Majors from its release schedule in October.

Despite hints at a "cruel and manipulative pattern of abuse" in Assistant District Attorney Michael Perez's opening statement, the jury will not hear evidence of prior incidents, as ruled by Judge Gaffey.

In a surprising turn, the defense contends that Jabbari was the aggressor that spring night, fueled by jealousy over suggestive texts from another woman on Majors' phone. Jabbari admitted today that she hesitated to disclose the details to first responders due to Majors' concerns about law enforcement treatment of Black men.

In her testimony, Jabbari revealed the difficulty she faced waking up in a walk-in closet surrounded by officers at Majors' apartment, highlighting her reluctance to involve the police. Only later, in the hospital with injuries, did she disclose the alleged abuse.

The defense, led by attorney Priya Chaudhry, scrutinized Jabbari's actions following the incident, including text messages, security-camera footage, and her presence at nightclubs. Chaudhry implied that Majors was the victim in the situation, emphasizing the alleged victim's potential drinking problem.

Tensions ran high during Chaudhry's cross-examination, with objections from Judge Gaffey. The trial is expected to last two weeks, with further testimony from Jabbari anticipated on Thursday. As Judge Gaffey reminded Majors of the Order of Protection issued in April, barring any contact with Jabbari, the actor affirmed compliance. Whether Majors will testify in his own defense remains uncertain.