Mario Judah Caught Having Sex with Another Man? Explicit Video Sparks Rumors About Atlanta Rapper's Sexuality [NSFW]

An explicit video of a red-haired individual having sex with another man fueled speculation on social media that it was Mario Judah.

Mario Judah, who shot to popularity after his breakout hit 'Die Very Rough' went viral, is making waves on social media with many questioning his sexuality after a video appearing to show the Atlanta rapper having sex with another man leaked on Twitter.

On Friday, an explicit video leaked on Twitter showing an individual that appears to look a lot like the 22-year-old rapper engaging in sexual intercourse with another man. Although both individual's faces are hidden from view, the distinct red hair and build of one of the men led social media users to believe it was Judah.

Mario Judah
Mario Judah (above) and the explicit video that has been leaked on Twitter. Twitter

The video in question was originally shared on Reddit about a month ago but only went viral on Twitter earlier today. Watch the clip below:

Twitter Reactions

The clip caused Mario Judah to start trending on Twitter with many sharing their reactions to the graphic video. Here are some of the reactions:

Is the Sex Tape Real or Fake?

As far as the video is concerned, there is no other evidence to support the claim that Judah is one of the individuals in the video other than a similar hairstyle and physique. Judah, whose real name is Mario Diamond-Judah Douglas, has not yet commented on the sex tape either.

Moreover, a Twitter user also pointed out that the red-haired individual in the NSFW video is actually a woman with a matching red hairdo:

The bedsheet in the photo above also matches that in the sex tape so we can confirm that the individual engaging in sexual acts in the video is not the Die Very Rough hitmaker.

This is not the first time this month that an Atlanta-based rapper's sexuality has been questioned after an explicit video surfaced online. Earlier this month, Pooh Shiesty became the subject of similar speculation after a trans woman shared a video of herself in bed with a "rapper," as previously reported. Sheisty later denied he was the man in the clip in a series of posts on Twitter.