Lil Baby and Ms London's Alleged Sex Tape 'Leaked' After Adult Film Star Claims He Paid Her for Sex

A video clip, billed as Lil Baby and Ms London's sex tape, has surfaced on PornHub and shows Ms London engaging in sexual intercourse with a man whose face is hidden from view.

Lil Baby has been surrounded by a cheating controversy after adult film star Ms London claimed he paid her $16,000 to have sex with her.

The rapper, who is dating on-again off-again girlfriend and the mother of his child, Jayda Cheaves, was accused of cheating on her after Ms London took to social media to claim that she was paid $16,000 to have sex with the rapper, as previously reported.

Ms London took to Twitter to share details of the alleged night she spent with the 'Woah' rapper without identifying him directly. "Not dropping no names, but Jayda not leaving this man ever," she wrote in one of the tweets before adding that it was the "best d*ck [she] ever had from a millionaire."

Video 'Leaked' on PornHub

In a subsequent post, she wrote about releasing video clips. "New videos and this one is popular. He know damn well he shouldn't of let me record this," she wrote.

The tweets have since been deleted but now alleged video footage of the sexual encounter between the rapper and Ms London has been uploaded on PornHub.

Lil Baby and Ms London sextape
A still from the video that was uploaded on PornHub. PornHub

The NSFW video, uploaded on the pornographic website on Tuesday under the title, "Lil Baby and Ms London Sextape," shows a woman who appears to be the adult film actress having sexual intercourse with a man whose face remains hidden from camera view.

Lil Baby and Ms London
Lil Baby (left) and Ms London. Twitter

Ms London Drops More Receipts

Although it has not yet been been confirmed if the video shared on PornHub is from the rapper's exclusive night with Ms London, the porn star has shared evidence of her conversation with Lil Baby in the wake of the cheating scandal.

Shortly after the allegations surfaced on social media, Lil Baby tried to prove his innocence in a series of posts, claiming his name was being used for "clout."

"Like huh ? Wtf be wrong with y'all people," he wrote in his first tweet. "I get it !! Say Baby Name Get Clout Y'all Need To Stop The Desperate Shìt," he added in a follow-up post. The tweets have since been deleted.

Ms London then shared screenshots of DMs she received from the rapper calling her out outing him on Twitter and admitting to soliciting sex from her.

She later posted a video verifying that the messages she received were, in fact, from Lil Baby's official Twitter handle.