Manhattan emerges as hottest hub of UFO sightings


According to the latest data from the National UFO reporting centre, Manhattan is leading the five Boroughs when it comes to UFO sightings. The National UFO reporting centre has revealed this news after analyzing sighting reports over the last two years.

The mystery continues

Since 2016, UFO reportings in Manhattan has drastically increased, and the Washington based agency has received several reports which include a 'cigar-shaped object on the skies', 'the round orange orb' and a 'mysterious object teleported into one of the resident's backyard. In the last two years, people living in Manhattan have reported 26 sightings, while Brooklyn stands close behind with 24 reported sightings.

Queens, the New York City borough on Long Island witnessed 20 UFO sightings, while eight mysterious encounters happened in the Bronx. Residents in Staten Island were also lucky enough to see unidentified flying objects six times.

The National UFO reporting center

The National UFO Reporting Center is an organization which analyzes UFO sightings in the United States. Operating since 1974, the organization has cataloged more than 1,25,000 flying object sightings.

Peter Davenport, the current director of the organization says that he absolutely believes in UFO sightings, as data is there to substantiate it.

"Read the cases and you come to the realization that these objects we've been calling UFOs for 70 years are being seen across the country and around the world on a daily basis," said Davenport, reports the New York Post.

According to Davenport, the most common type of sighting report which the center receives is weird lights in the sky. The director revealed that reports of red, orange, amber, yellow or gold lights in the skies have drastically increased since 2012.

Davenport also added that good and reliable photos of UFO are very scarce as people used to get just seconds to capture the flying objects which move at sky-rocketing speed.