Farmer spots three bright UFOs in New Zealand skies (VIDEO)


A new video uploaded by a conspiracy theory channel named 'UFO Today' is now the hottest debating point among alien buffs. The video has been reportedly shot from New Zealand by a farmer, and it clearly shows three bright UFOs in the skies.

According to the YouTube channel, the video was sent by one of their subscribers who is a farmer in New Zealand.

"On the 3rd of January on of our subscribers send us this weird footage of UFO encounter. She was watching out for a cow that was about to giving birth when she suddenly saw this weird light outside over the field. Her first thought was that these lights were part of a military operation, but after a minute or two realized she was witnessing something else," wrote the conspiracy theorists in the video's description.

"After the sighting, the cow gave birth to 2 young calves. She sent us the footage and she hopes we can find out what it was she saw," added the description.

Unlike other UFO videos, this clip is shot with high quality, and the eerie objects can be seen clearly hovering on the skies. At times, the bright glow moves, and in one instance, one UFO disappeared suddenly, later reappearing from thin air.

The conspiracy theorists assure that these lights are not military flares, and it is something extra-terrestrial in nature.

Subscribers of this conspiracy theory channel are pretty much impressed with the quality of the video, and they strongly believe that this is an evident sign of alien life. A YouTube user named 'Bonsse88' put forward a different theory, and he claimed that all the three lights are on one triangular UFO.

Another YouTube user named 'They Live You Sleep' put forward a unique explanation. "Continue watching the trajectory after the light blinks'll see a BLACK shadowy residual form collect in the area and then disappear. If this isn't CGI...then this looks more like an interdimensional shift/being than a physical ship from space. People have caught "shadow entities" on camera. Maybe they can switch to light?," wrote They Live You Sleep.