Conspiracy theorists unveil 'best flying saucer' footage ever shot (VIDEO)


A YouTube channel named 'Third Phase of Moon' has released a shocking footage reportedly shot from the Mexican skies which feature a circular object flying at a very slow speed above the clouds. The channel which is being managed by 'Blake Cousins' affirms that this is a concrete evidence of alien life and extra-terrestrial beings.

As of now, the video clip which is of one minute and fifty-two seconds in length has been watched by more than 26,000 people. The video has convinced alien buffs, and they are all thanking the YouTube channel for unveiling this spectacular sight. The YouTube channel has named the video 'NEW!! Best Flying Saucer Video Ever? 2018 It's Getting Crazy'.

In the video, we can see a black circular right flying across the skies, and at times, it emits lights. After some moments, the UFO bizarrely goes invisible.

Even though the footage clearly features a weird circular object, critics of 'Third Phase of Moon' are not convinced with it. Many people who have commented on the video state that this circular object is not a UFO, but a hot air balloon. Some other people claim that it is basically a smoke ring, and it has nothing to do with extra-terrestrial life.

But the Blake Cousins affirm that it is an authentic UFO sighting, and claim that the lights emitting from the object indicate that it is neither a weather balloon nor a smoke ring.

2017 has been a very good year for UFO buffs and alien enthusiasts, as last year witnessed many mysterious sightings across the skies in various parts of the globe. Even Pentagon admitted running an operation worth $22 million to find alien life. The video of a UFO being trailed by a US Air Force Plane too went viral in the recent days. Now, in the early days of 2018, another UFO sighting above the Mexico skies has started perplexing space buffs, and let us hope that more investigations on these videos will unveil the unknown truth in front of the general public.