Alien invasion? Eerie bright moving light in night sky sparks fears in Colombia

A screen grab from the YouTube video

A recent video that has captured a mysterious large ball of light hanging in the night sky above town of Ocana in Norte de Santander, Colombia has gone viral across social media sparking fears of alien invasion.

After a series of UFO sightings, this latest clip showed a huge glowing orange light that was seen moving further before it disappeared in the far distance.

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Several residents, who managed to film the strange sighting, was worried and jumped to the conclusion that it was an alien space craft invading the earth from another planet. However, many people said that the luminous body could be a flare or some other fired object.

Dixon Florez Castro, a Facebook user said: "The light is from a flare parachute used during military actions."

"They illuminate large areas at night, usually for parachute landings and observational operations. Here it looks more dramatic because the sky is cloudy."

The local media reported that the authorities, as well as local residents, are still trying to figure out what the bright light was. Several residents have joked about the incident saying that the sighting must signify "the end of the world".

One of the witnesses told Mirror that the orange glow disappeared close to the neighbouring town of Aguas Claras. But, the authorities have still not commented about the weird sighting.

This article was first published on January 4, 2018