Man Accused of Killing 5-Year-Old Girl Sold to Him by 'Monster' Mother, Filmed Himself Raping Her Corpse

The man charged in the murder of a 5-year-old Georgia girl whose body was found abandoned in an east Alabama home recorded himself raping her after killing her, according to newly released court documents.

Jeremy Tremain Williams, 37, is charged with capital murder in the course of a kidnapping, capital murder in the course of rape, capital murder in the course of sodomy, corpse abuse and producing child pornography. The indictments against Williams were issued Feb. 18 and made public Monday.

Williams Filmed Himself 'Raping and Sodomizing' the Victim's Dead Body

Kamarie Holland and Jeremy Tremain Williams
Kamarie Holland (left) and Jeremy Tremain Williams. Twitter

Kamarie Holland's mother, 35-year-old Kristy Marie Siple, was also indicted on felony murder and human trafficking. As previously reported, Siple reported her daughter missing on Dec. 13, 2020, telling authorities that she went to sleep at around midnight and woke up to find Holland gone with the front door open.

Columbus police launched an immediate investigation and quickly identified Williams as a potential suspect. Authorities previously said Siple and Williams knew each other. Later that day, police found the girl dead in Williams' former Alabama home.

According to the newly released court documents, Williams allegedly strangled Holland to death and recorded himself "raping and sodomizing" the victim's body after that.

Kristy Marie Siple
Kristy Marie Siple Twitter

"She did agree with another person to pay her for having sexual intercourse and sodomy with her minor daughter,'' the charging document against Siple states.

Siple: 'She Was My Life'

In a tearful interview with WTVM before charges were filed against her, Siple said, "I'm a mommy and I did not have nothing to do with this. She was my life and I lived for her daily. She was my only daughter."

Corey Holland, the child's father had custody of the girl but Kamarie was visiting Siple when she disappeared. "She's a monster," Corey said after initial charges. "A real mother protects and would die for her children. Kristy is a monster. My family and I will continue to wrestle with the loss of losing our angel Kamarie. We will ask that you continue to make your news about her and the justice she deserves."

Williams and Siple are scheduled for arrangement on the indictments on April 5.