Texas Mother Rapes 12-Year-Old Son After Forcing Him to Strip, Boasts to Neighbour About Incident

Brittany Rouleau was arrested after the minor told a guardian, two years later

A 34-year old woman was arrested for raping her 12-year old son at their home located in Wichita Falls, Texas. The incident which took place in 2018, came to light after the boy revealed it to his guardian.

The woman, identified as Brittany Rouleau, was charged with aggravated sexual assault. Following the arrest on Saturday, Rouleau was sent to the Wichita County Jail where is she currently lodged against a bail bond of $100,000.

Brittany Rouleau
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Rouleau Spoke About Masturbation While Undressing Before Son

In its report, Daily Mail stated that the boy was in sixth grade at the time of the incident. Rouleau was undressing herself in front of her son and questioned him about masturbation.

Two years after the horrific sexual abuse, the boy opened up about it with another adult, who then took him to the police station for lodging a formal compliant. The boy revealed the horrors of the sexual abuse at the Patsy's House Child Advocacy Center, where he told the authorities that his mother raped him at their family home.

The teenager said that the incident occurred right after he had come out of his shower and was sitting on the bed, which he shared with his mother. At that moment, Rouleau entered the room and started stripping in front of her son and asking him to do the same.

Woman Boasted To Neighbour About the Incident

The victim said that after raping him, Rouleau asked him to 'go clean himself up.' When he told his mother that 'what had just happened felt wrong,' she allegedly replied, 'Well, you can get in trouble because you accepted it,' before warning him not to tell anyone.

According to Metro, when arrested Rouleau initially denied sexually abusing her son. However, she accepted raping her son during the course of investigation. It was found that Rouleau had boasted about having sex with her son in front of her neighbour, reported the outlet.

In an Instagram post, Rouleau had posted a picture with her son where they are pouting. The picture dating back to June 2017, is captioned 'Mom and son selfie.'